Thursday – 15 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 13 Vaisakh 1929 – 03 May 2007

Well, if only I had the ability to take amazing pictures and some sort of an electronic device that allowed me to take as many pictures as I want. And another device that records everything I see in exactly the same way as I see it. Would love to relive things that I have done.

And, in addition to that, if I can also have the ability to eat and drink as much as I want and not exercise and still be absolutely delectable, fresh and strong.

So many things, so few mercies. What is man to do?

I seem to be going insane.



  Zag wrote @

If you had all that, instead of reliving things, it’ll be like ur looking at a porno channel…. :)

  Té la mà Maria wrote @

We have visited his blog-web and find it interesting, congratulations

There visits ours, the irreverent and iconoclast of the world,
is in Catalunya – Spain

Http: //

Thank you very much for the visit

  maryam wrote @

laughing out loud at Zag’s comments :D :D :D

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