Sunday – 25 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 23 Vaisakh 1929 – 13 May 2007

Mother’s day. Today is the day when I go out and buy three things for Ammi.

First, I get a scarf. Seemingly very easy to find but actually very difficult. It has to be good, or it joins 98.34% of the previous scarves in her drawer and she never uses it. It has to be cheap, or I get a lecture on how money is not to be thrown away. It has to be sedate, otherwise she feels it is too young, and starts feeling older. It has to be traditional, or I get into a long articulate discussion on how modern things lack class and beauty.

Second, I get a Tea Cosy set. A tea cosy, a milk cosy, an apron, overgloves, and a tray cover.  It has to be a new colour, so it can not be Red, Pink, Blue, Green, or Brown, so which colour is left? It has to be embroidered, since I can not do embroidery this is a bitch. It has to have a theme, that I got covered.

Third, I get a Cake. By far the most easiest of all. It is always a plain chocolate cake that I get at our family bakery. No ifs, no buts, it is done.

And, we did the same thing this month. I got a Beige Scarf; a Pink tea cosy set; and a plain chocolate cake.

Mothers can be very very difficult but somehow you love them and they love you. Can not be explained, but one of the bigger mysteries of life.


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