Sunday – 25 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 23 Vaisakh 1929 – 13 May 2007

Ok. I know this is not right, or acceptable, or conservative, or respectable. But I so seriously want to get spanked right now.

It is somewhat like that urge you get to have ice cream. Or when you really want to slap someone who is stupid. Or when the idiot in front of you drives like a moron and you want to call them names. You know, innate, natural and overpowering.

I will blame it on the weather and my two day siege within my house. Dont judge me! I know you are rolling your eyes and judgeing me. But dont judge me!


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  goblinbox wrote @

Would never judge you, hon! The feeling just happens, what can you do? ;-)

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