Tuesday – 27 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 25 Vaisakh 1929 – 15 May 2007

Finally went to work today. After a three day hiatus filled with violence and bloodshed in Karachi.

I have been having a very strong overpowering feeling of travelling. Of seeing mountains, tall and proud. Of seeing rivers, wide and mighty. Of seeing the wonders of nature. Or seeing distant cities and countries far and wide. Can not explain it. Not like stupid co-workers can not explain why they think a certain thing is wrong. It is different. It is coming from within. Not unlike how one feels in wonderful weather.

So, I have compiled a list. And it turns out that much like stupid co-workers’ way of thinking this is also wrong. Every place on my list is led on by lust. Men. That is it. I dont want to go to Africa or China or the Far East. I want to go to Australia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. So, basically, like all men my age, I am led by my male body part. Damnit! Jalal! Grow up!

I hate being a deprived horny bastard. I am sure you all can see that this post started with Wanderlust and slowly the part of the word was lost.

So, back to wanderlust. I am planning of short trips in nearly places. Historical, Geological, and Natural.

If anyone of you is interested, , , well, , , mail me.



  bilbored wrote @

Cum to Canada, I live a short drive from Niagara Falls. I will be happy to provide you with a warm bed, while you visit one of the seven modern wonders of the world. The Falls, that is.. well maybe….Bill

  Zag wrote @

Lol…. Jalal, you are getting desperate now :) But Karachi’s weather has turned for the better for a change. I guess someone up there also thinks that we Karachittes have had enuff and need a break for a while :)

btw, how are stocks coming along?

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