Wednesday – 28 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 26 Vaisakh 1929 – 16 May 2007

After working for two and a half years, travelling across Pakistan on business and personal trips, reading newspapers and cheap tabloids such as The News and Roznama Sahafat, listening to news on television, sharing thoughts and ideas with Pakistanis from all walks of life I have come to two basic conclusions about Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Firstly, we are absolutely, completely and unequivocally Insane. The level of insanity can only be likened to a Cow that is quite high on LCD trying to crack a joke with a flying frog who is having severe Post Menstrual Syndrome and can only bark back at the cow. In case the previous sentence did not make sense, the frog exists only in the cows imagination. And the cow actually knows this, but still thinks that the frog exists and at the same time needs to believe that it doesnt. In case I have not been clear. Very very very insane indeed.

Secondly we are unbelievably impatient and believe in the shortest possible fix. This leads to massive ad hocism in our society. We take bribes to get rich quickly. We make absolutely moronic political decisions that can be seriously criticized by the stupider class of hyenas in a hyena lunatic asylum. Also, if I need say, this is also the way our businesses work, adhocism, short sightedness and absolute moronicity. If that is not a word, I just made it up. So shut up. Sit down. Take deep breaths and go grow or weed something to calm yourself down

I absolutely love this country.



  PressPosts / User / NessDX / Submitted wrote @

Submited post on – “Adhocism”

  Xill-e-Ilahi wrote @

I absolutely love this country.

don’t we all? :)

  Coline wrote @

Hi, I like your blog..
I’m a French journalist, based in Paris..I work for a production company and French TV.. we will probably come to Karachi for the elections.. Make a portrait of different young people in different political parties..
I like the way you write and I thought maybe you knew wome people or yourself who would be intersted to cooperate with us..
Please write me on my email…

take care, be careful

  Maryam wrote @

“moronicity” yeah ok?

Welcome to wordpress :)

  kevstelo wrote @

I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

  goblinbox wrote @

Sounds nuts. Sin told me I should move there.

  marsha loftis wrote @

I find you/this blog interesting. I’m going to link you and stop by occasionally.

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