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Sunday – 01 Jamadi us Sani 1428 – 27 Jyaistha 1929 – 17 June 2007

Just got back from a three week trip to Singapore. Was supposed to work on a project there with two other colleagues.

The highlights are

– 12 malls were visited for comprehensive visits. I never knew that I had such an avid shopper hidden inside me.
– 8 night clubs were experienced. I hate dancing because I am a very bad dancer but my friends know that getting me drunk does the trick. Hence.
– 7 live music restruants / clubs / bars were enjoyed. Very good live music scene in Sing one must agree.
– 18 restaurants, cafes and what can be generally catagorized as eateries were frequented. Chili Crabs were awesome.
– 46 shots of Vodka were drunk. I just love Vodka and Red Bull shots.
– 16 Pints of Long Island Ice Tea were finished. The man who first created this beautiful thing will forever be enamoured with the love of a thousand Houris from heaven.
– 214 Pictures were taken. I am not a good photographer.
– 42 Videos were made. I make good videos. Lots of nudity involved!
– 13 pounds of weight was gained. Oops! I will be working on it after I have one home cooked meal today.
– 63,298,764 snide remarks were passed on the colleagues. Who I love by the way, and who got quite used to me by the end of the journey.
– 4 Shirts were bought.
– 13 monuments and national sites were seen.
– 21 days were spent.
– 1 project was completed satisfactorily.