Sunday – 22 Jamadi us Sani 1428 – 18 Asadha 1929 – 09 July 2007

So, you go to Singapore for one month. You spend each and every day of the thirty two days that you were there on the streets; after work of course. You go to bars, restaurants, zoos, cinemas, seedy streets, dirty neighbourhoods, clean roads, etc, etc, et fucking c. Singapore is a small place. Going to thirty two different places mean you have seen a bit too much of Singapore.

 You come back to Karachi, write a holy mother of god entry which is so fucking long and so fucking intricate that you actually pat yourself on your back. And you learn in the process that it is a very very difficult thing to do indeed. And then you have a power breakdown and you loose the post.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Bad Peking Duck. Fuck Fuck.

So, basically you will not be getting a post on what I did in Singapore.

I will instead tell you guys what I didnt do there. I did not engage in group sex there. I did not eat Pakistani food there. I did not try to touch the cow’s udder as was maliciously stated by a mutant of a human being some of us like to call a friend. And, to top it all of, I did not walk naked in the hotel to grab attention, thank you very much!

Oh, and yes, sexy-bitch-daddi colleague who went to another organization in search for a better future is coming back to us and will work in my team. I am so looking forwarded to this, perverted slut that I am.


  goblinbox wrote @

Are you quite certain you didn’t touch the cow’s udder? Because I don’t know if I believe you. ;-)

  jalaluddin wrote @

WELL! Despite some rumours to the contrary, I did NOT touch it!

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