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Friday – 04 Rajab 1428 – 30 Asadha 1929 – 20 July 2007
This post is kind of in reply to a comment by someone I don’t really know all that well.

Firstly, after reading your comment I am making a policy change. After this post all new posts will be checked for spelling and or grammatical errors or mistakes once. I had an ongoing policy that I will write the post and no words are to be deleted, checked or re read. I write and then I publish. But, I am sure that after the knaw incident I will start reading my complete posts once, after this one of course.

Secondly, I think I need to have your blog address to be actually able to check your blog and I think an email address would be even better since then I can communicate with you easily. And I think that if you are in Pakistan we should also meet up as soon as possible as I can explain my very visible lapse to you personally.

Thirdly, I try to avoid topics like politics and religion because they do not lead to anything, at least in a Pakistani scenario. But, since I am asked, I think the Red Mosque brigade was a bunch of terrorists. But, I am against all forms and formats of violence, I would have preferred if the issue was resolved through mediation and talks. And I dont believe in violence, since violence only breeds violence and an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. In a country like Pakistan we can not afford to light even one spark as the whole nation is a tinderbox with so many complexities and issues that even we here do not understand.

But all in all, yes, we are a violent nation, yes, we are a passionate nation, yes, we are a nation that shows irresponsibility. But that is us, and that is how every other nation has been at this same stage in their lives. Which nation can show me a clean slate of history clean of wars and civil conflicts and corruption and mass illiteracy and poverty? Noone can, because everyone went though the process that we are going through now. We are unique, and so will our process be. The birthing process of a nation can not be without pain. So is ours. There is bound to be violence, to lead to a national mental and social development where we realize that violence is wrong. And where we learn how to discuss, how to debate, how to end and resolve issues that we do not agree on. Where we learn right and wrong and how to view it

We will learn, grow and develop like every other nation. Slowly and gradually.

This is not only in the air, recently the government has been very strong on the media for sensationalism and showing scenes of excessive violence or racial hatred live on national television. And the nation responded with a debate. And the media carried it. And I am sure the media will back off from sensationalism to a certain extent. One thing learnt, one step taken, the nation moves forward. Forever. Every coming Pakistani will have this issue and its different arguments and the dialectical process in their minds as a part of the communal consience. One step forward.

The judicial crisis. Leading to mass debate. Most political parties, the judiciary and the general population saying that the Judiciary should be independent. The government and some political parties thought that the CJ has become overly politicized. We debated, we argued, we though, we contemplated. Now the Chief Justice has been reinstated. We have learnt and declared as a nation that our Judiciary will be free and independent. We have also learnt and and declared as a nation that the judiciary will not be politicized. One step. One very very very large step. We move forward.

Some might call me a sentimentalist, some might say that I am not a realist, some might call me overly nationalistic. But, I love my country and I love my nation and I love my city and I love my language. All a part of the larger fabric of Pakistan. I belong to it. I see everything in a positive light. I see only light at the end of the tunnel. The feeling and the emotion of connectedness is so strong that the possibility that there is no end to the tunnel just does not register with me. I only see hope, while there might be none, but I can not bring myelf not to see it.

There! this excessively long, probably completely confused and unclear post is your fault. Dont tell me to talk about politics or current affairs again!