Saturday – 12 Rajab 1428 – 06 Sravana 1929 – 28 July 2007

Just had an interesting week full of excitement, madness and abject horror. An average week in the life of a 20 something Karachiite working with evil managers, living with insane compatriots and moving through cohorts of people to meet and mingle with. Despite the usual sexual deprivation and the feeling of a general conspiracy and ever impending doom life seems to move on slowly and gradually towards some result that I have no idea about. Scary you say? I agree.

I have started working with a new colleague recently imported from Lahore. And he has to work with me. Evil gleeful grins. As most of you know I am quite insane and I make no efforts at hiding it. So, within one week I open up to him and discuss things which he tells me I am not supposed to talk about near girls, or I will never find anyone to share my life with. Yeah, right, as if that was possible to start off with anyways. Oh and yes, just to prove that I am not the only insane person, rather, it is the cache of my work place, he likes to call himself Cherry Poppins. Supercalifragifuckinglisticexpialifuckingdocious et al. I really do not think that I am having a bad effect on him. Oh well!

Oh, and in other news, I have started to become better friends with strange-depressive-yet-good-looking-lady-going-out-with-my-friend-and-is-also-a-friend-through-so-many-common-friends. People would abbreviate this to SDYGLLGOWMFAIAAFTSMCF, but they would be wrong. Of course. I would prefer to use SR. Thankfully. But, I told SR that I think she uses too much makeup and tries to make up for the fact that since she is so pre occupied with things that she just doesn’t interact with people. Of course she glared at me. And then she slapped me as soon as we got out of the coffee shop. And that led to a one hour screaming argument in her car. We are very good friends now.

And yes, the abject horror in my life is due to my arranged marriage plans and our trip to Islamabadto meet the girl’s family two weeks from now. I think I am freaking out so much that most of the nerves in my brain have popped. Indeed. Quite interesting. Loss of gray matter aside, I really don’t have any gay friends to discuss this with. Difficult and horrifying indeed.

Oh, and yes, before I leave. I just absolutely adore and love mangoes.



  Sabeen Mahmud wrote @

Take a stand. Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. Unless a marriage of convenience is desirable. Apologies for the unsolicited advice but really, act now or you might just end up living a life of regret.

  somethingtobe wrote @

…so any updates on this?

what happened?

who the hell is this girl? shall i break it to her that you’re gay?

  jalaluddin wrote @

No you may absolutely not!

I will do it myself. We are going to meet her next weekend.

  somethingtobe wrote @

update please.

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