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Tuesday – 15 Rajab 1428 – 09 Sravana 1929 – 31 July 2007

Tomorrow is a big day in my life. I am getting promoted, kudos to looking busy and doing nothing, and I will be moving to a new department, kudos to back biting, and I will be doing less work, kudos to being an evil manipulative bitch. I am very happy right now.

Someone searched for “pakistani khushboo fucked” and landed on my blog. Speaks volumes about what I have been posting on this blog. I will plead Male Amnesty against porn and other related topics being discussed in public. And in addition, I am quite happy to see a varied group of people frequenting my weblog. The usual normal human beings were getting too overwhelming to control without the freaks and perverts. This really mirrors the growth of my intellect and writing skills.