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All Nighter

Sunday – 20 Rajab 1428 – 14 Sravana 1929 – 05 August 2007 

So, I have just come out of an action packed, meat eating, coffee drinking, girl watching, mad driving, cheap song video watching, tea gulping wild and absolutely insane all nighter.

After not finding a place in Ciao for an inordinately long period of time, going to Costa and wanting to kill ourselves we decided to rent a DVD titled ‘Bollywood Masala* Mix’.  Why a group of seven guys would want to rent what can only be termed soft porn and watch it all night long is beyond me. My idea was to watch a movie. Any who, it was an interesting night. And as per the declarations of one of my friends, I do not like Bipasha Basu. I think she is a skank biyatch.

Masala = Spice. And the usage of the word here means it is a cheap fucking collection.

PS – And, in case I did not mention this. One floor of my office has a gleaming new tiled floor. Made only to ensure that people slip on it and die so junior staff can be promoted faster and the level of job satisfaction of all employees goes up and we love our company. And I, being a moron, went there with my exceptionally slippery shoes. I promise, as God in heaven is my witness, I was walking like a chicken to ensure I did not slip. And there are fifty people working on that floor. I hope noone saw me walk for fifteen minutes.

Aaaaa rrrrrr ggggg hhhhhh! Why must I be different and not conform to society!