Saturday – 13 Ziqaad 1428 – 03 Agrahayana 1929 – 24 November 2007 

I guess the previous post and then the title of this post should answer everything. Though I have been told in the past there is an inkling of insanity in myself. Of course being said by an ex does reduce the strength of the argument. Specially after I had doused his wallet in a bucket of water, only after he poured ketchup into mine. I didnt start it ok. Get off my case! So, I am not insane. I do get slightly insane of certain occasions though. An example would be today’s lunch when I just could not stop myself from leaning over the table and kissing my colleague. I didnt. But I was nearly about to do it. I am sure it would have either ended in exchange of sexual pleasures or getting pounded into pulp by a very muscular guy. 

I seem to be rambling again. I am better. I am ok. Things are ok. I have been having a bit too detailed discussions with my family. And things are going to work out. Or at least I hope so.

In the meantime I will be welcoming any donations of sex during this stressful period of my life, strictly as a friendly jesture of course. And, if you know anyone else who is gay, is in Karachi and might be in need of any similar needs please dont forget to email me. I love people and would be willing to go out of my way in making sure that mankind is happy and complete with the love of life.

And there is a very small flicker of a barely visible silver lining on this whole cloud of insanity. I have lost a lot of weight and all my pants are loose now. So, I will live longer and I will find it easier to find sex. Who said excessively chronic depression is not a good thing.


  pakipoptart wrote @

Glad to hear it’s gotten better. How can you prepare now for the type of low points you have been having?

Oh and I never thought you were insane…maybe a bit dramatic, but never insane. ( :

  Zag wrote @

So no matter how bad things are….. sex is always on your mind :P

  jalaluddin wrote @

Yes please! :)

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