Thursday – 18 Ziqaad 1428 – 08 Agrahayana 1929 – 29 November 2007

There are times when you can not help but wonder whether you have turned out to be the sort of a person that you would have wanted to be one, three, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years ago in life? And what is the answer, I don’t know. We pass through so many things, in my case usually psychotic, or insane that you can always end up rationalizing what you have turned into. Jalal, you have turned into a psychotic slut. Thank you for informing me, but I knew that already, as well as having an ardent hope of turning out to be as psychotic but much more sluttier with time.

I dont know whether it is the advent of winter, or the sudden stop to my developing nervous breakdown that has made me so seriously horny nowadays. Of course this question can not be answered and is better left alone. One of my idiot friends at work thinks it is because of my excessive intake of eggs. I mean, how the fuck does three eggs a day make me horny. If it is really all that frikking potent I will just take a jug of eggs and cram it down OC’s throat and lie naked in front of him. Of course his manager will object to such behaviour in the office. For those of you wondering about this, OC is definitely my lust for the time being. He has been for about six to eight months. And I so pretty fucking sure that he is gay. I think ill make a move on him. Wish me luck and intact organs for tomorrow.

And then there is this other guy. He is on the floor below mine. Medium Height, Goatee, Bald, Bushy Eyebrows, seemingly quite hairy and a very ectomorphic build with no extra pounds anywhere. I think I am in love with him. Hmmmm, so how do I go and introduce myself to him and then eventually tell him that my car is a wonderful place to travel around in Karachi and get lost in dark alleys. Again, wish me luck and intact organs for that occasion.

Hmmmmm. It is winter again, and I must apologize for all the testosteone.

Oh, and yes, I absolutely completely adore and love my new car.


  pakipoptart wrote @

Can’t shake it huh? Whenever I get like that, I google STDs and click ‘images.’ Works every time!

Actually this post has me more concerned for your cholesterol level. Three eggs a day?

  Zag wrote @

Wait a sec, you have a new car and you are blogging about your lust instead of your new car!!!!! What kinda guy are you :P : P :P Immediately drop everything and make a new post just about your car!!!! I demand it now now now!!!

okay coming back to the post…. three eggs a day?????????? Dude, i eat two yes but three is a little too much dont you think? btw whats your cholestrol level? 300+ :P

  PsycheD wrote @

am with zag….new car ki details wanted asap!

im not an egg cant comment on that – unless u have it boiled – which wud need the use of gas masks

and of course – wish u luck and organs in tact :) this is why i luv reading ur blog – u come up with the weirdest, yet amazing stuff

so shall we get back to the car details shall we?

  PsycheD wrote @

lol@poptart’s deterring tactics

  anthorclosetgay wrote @

this always happens to me, a few day of depression and my sex drive touch heaven. torrent and gay combined at google does help. (believe me) ;)

  jalaluddin wrote @

The Eggs Bit – I absolutely love eggs ok. I dont have any red meats. So my Cholestrol count is actually quite low. Even normal. So, BITE ME. Leave marks but dont scar.

PPT – On please! Next time you need help just email me. Ill send you stuff that will blow your mind out of your chimney.

Zag – DOODE!!! The Post has already been written. I was just waiting for it to be not such an issue with my colleagues and friends so that if and when they read it they dont end up learning that Jalal is a fucking fruit cake.

PsycheD – That is because I am amazing.

anotherclosetgay – You know what. All men think alike. We all like nipples and we all like porn. Next time you want to share anything :) I am sure I can help you out from my 30 GB collections of prime gay pornos and some very selected str8 pornos.

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