Monday – 29 Ziqaad 1428 – 19 Agrahayana 1929 – 10 December 2007 

I usually hate to question ancient wisdom and present my own ideas completely contrary to general opinion. But, today I must. There is such a thing as an interesting Monday, or maybe even a very interesting Monday. I shall present a summary of day. I am sure I would be unable to present the day in any manner better than this, since it is very late.

Woke up late on a winter morning. Sleeping in a going late to work is just amazing on a cold Monday morning. And to top all that off it was amazing weather.

Finished two tasks in record time and spent the rest of the wasting time since my manager knew that those tasks take two days. What can I say. I am good at what I do.

Had a good, hearty, healthy and tasteless lunch. Put out every cigarette half way; that is when I remembered that I had to stop smoking from today.

Went over to my previous department for some work. And I saw an absolutely hot guy there. And I mean 10/10. Better than any I have seen in the past couple of months (of course this does not include porn).

Joined the gym in my office building. There is no other way of ensuring that I go to the gym. And add to that my neighbour is also going. Good. Now I can be assured for being nagged to the gym on a daily basis.

Came home and had a beautiful dinner accompanied by rain. Such a wonderful addition to Karachi weather at this time of the year.

Gave a close friend a small birthday coffee party at Espresso. That is a good place. I would recommend their breakfast to everyone and their grandmother’s friends.

Hooked up with an old friend. Made out, and completed a list of activities legally, morally, ethically, religiously, socially and culturally incongruent with how life is lived in my part of the world. Getting laid is just such an absolutely amazing experience. And to top all that off, I just can not resist facial hair. I am such a slut.

So, with the above eight activities completed, the last one being highly highly weightier than the rest, I would have to say. Good day today. And hopefully a good day tomorrow. Have a nice day and enjoy every moment of it. And, of course, do not let go of any opportunity to make out and be a slut.

Jalal – Over and out.


  Zag wrote @

Ahhaa… another post that included references to sex :) btw have you noticed that all your posts which have sexual ref are happy posts and others are sad posts?

and just out of curiousity, you watch straight or gay porn? and if you watch straight porn, then what happens during the compulsory lesbian scene ;)

  Zag wrote @

Hey wherez my comment??? You comment hogger :P

  Nax wrote @

Nasser from karachi, came across yoru blog by chance and woah deeply impressed by the depth n specially the writing style. I see a senstive yet jollly person. It seems i am reading things about myself when i read your blog, for the last 2 days have tried reading almost all your posts couldnt read all but it seems am discovering myself while reading about you, so am confused/shocked/overjoyed to have found my hamzad or something like that lols.

  jalaluddin wrote @

Zag – Stop being a horny bitch (Horny added because I am in a good mood right now and sexual references are a must). You comment is right there! Well, I watch gay porn, and the selected str8 porn that does not have lesbian scenes. You know how it is! :)

Nax – Gimme your email address, we can definitely discuss things in more detail over there. Sharing things with someone who understands you can not be at all under rated.

  Zag wrote @

“You know how it is!” @?@?@?? WTF?? :P

  jalaluddin wrote @

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAH !!!!! OH FUCK !!!! This was good.

  Nax wrote @

hey thanks for your reply. just rread your reply to my comment by chance lols am new to this thingy so didnt know where to see hehehe
my id is friendly_nas@hotmail.com
see ya

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