Thursday – 16 Zilhaj 1428 – 07 Pausa 1929 – 27 December 2007

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, chirperson of the Pakistan Peoples Party and the mother of three children; Benazir Bhutto was assasinated in a suicide terrorist attack today in Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh.

I was at work. Suddenly a very senior officer burst onto the floor, consulted with the two most senior officers on the floor and then started telling all staff to immediately pack up and leave the office. Took two minutes to sink in. Then there was nothing but fear and panic. People were on their phones but the networks of all cell phone companies were jammed. People rushed out of the building in a state of panic and confusion. I got in my car and headed for home.

The city was not right. Things were not as they are. There was too much traffic and there was an extremely palpable quantity of fear and panic. Chaos. Everyone in every car was worried, everyone had rushed out from work to head home, safety seemed elusive at the least, crazy traffic. And then I got home.

And then it sunk in. My country. My people. Me. What a loss. What a loss. I did not support Benazir but I think she was a great politician of Pakistan. What a loss.

Violence in Pakistan has gone out of hand. This is not us. We are not like this. This is not my Pakistan.


  Butch Montoya wrote @

It is always that way….this terrible crime cannot happen in my town or city. What is happening to our country is always the only question we have in times like this.

Here in the United States, we too were shocked and stunned by the news. Many of us Americans while not fully understanding your election issues, knew this leader was an important person for Pakistan.

We share your grief and sorrow. We pray for peace and understanding and an end to the violence and chaos.

We have endured enough violent incidents where we too have said, this cannot be happening in my country. We join with you and the people of your country in condenming the terrorists who commited this terrible crime against Pakistan and the world.

  Bill Talbot wrote @

My thoughts are with you, stay safe. Do you think President Musharraf will declare some sort of emergency and put on his General’s uniform again? Nobody over here is buying all this blame it on al-Qaeda or the Taliban stuff. Our own Prime Minister who is really just a lap dog to President Bush has even made thinly veiled comments, warning the old general ,to not,thwart the path of Democracy. We believe the loss is not just for your country but also a blow to world peace as well. We live in interesting times right now your at the centre of it. What happens to you matters to all of us. Be strong and remember that peace loving individuals are praying for you. Not to some imaginary Gods,but for you and yours….Bill

  Robt O’Sullivan wrote @

Hello, I have been reading your blog off and on for the past year. As soon as I heard about the B.B. tragedy I looked you up in my bookmarks. I am so sorry that your country is suffering so much right now. I think perhaps Karachi sees the worst of the violence but I don’t really know that. Here in California we see the pictures on the news, but it is difficult to comprehend how it affects people at a personal level. Your blog, as well as metroblogging karachi, puts the events in perspective for people like myself who want to know how the people in your beautiful city are getting by (one day at a time, I’m sure). Thanks for writing and keeping us all as informed as possible. Your whirlwind tour to Islamabad was great fun to read; I’m glad you decided to give yourself an adventure!

  Marsha wrote @

I am so tired of hearing about people killing people. Can we not just live in peace.

  Allie wrote @

Thank you for blogging about this – this news from the people of Pakistan on how this is affecting you and how you are reacting to it is far more important than what government controlled news reports.

I hope everything there calms down now and that people are able to heal.


  jalaluddin wrote @

Thank you so much for the support. I am sure I am any other Pakistani reading this will realize that there is a greater brotherhood that a nation, it is called mankind. The universals, birth and death seem to affect everyone in the same way. Despite our different circumstances and experiences we can share the complete array of feelings related to these.

It is a loss for the whole of humanity because of what she represented and meant. But, let us hope that all the good things that she wanted to do will get done, be she there or not.

Hoping for life.

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