Thursday – 23 Zilhaj 1428 – 14 Pausa 1929 – 03 January 2008 

I have no fucking idea why, but for some reason this post on my weblog will  have to be read in a proper British accent, since that is how I have been reading and writing it.

Last night, I was restless, I wanted to be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Either due to, or, in spite of my weight and physical odiousness I ended up being exposed to new ideas. I ended up watching two movies last night. I liked both of them.

First I saw Ratatouille and fell in love with Anton Ego. In love. And by love, here, I mean, butterflies, spring, meadows, gargoyles and the Seine. The whole package, love and psychosis.

After that I saw The Squid and the Whale and I found it absolutely amazing. Amazing. So, whosoever reads this, is directed, to first designate me as the image of masculine beauty and perfection in the deepest core of their existence, and then, to definitely do go and watch this movie. Preferably followed by a quick and beautiful snog.

As if this was not enough, I picked up a book of short stories and read an absolutely amazing piece of distilled beauty. Aldous Huxley. The Gioconda Smile. This time around, you are ordered to stop reading this moronic rambling of a twenty-some-thing psychotic homosexual idiot from Karachi and get the book. Buy it. Download it. Borrow it. Or steal it. But; get it now. Shoo.

Or, you can find it here.

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  PsycheD wrote @

aahhh ratatouille…..saw that too the othr night. i fell in love with the mouse..as in the awww…cute…awww kinda love. but i’d like to see myself in that female sous chef…cant recall her name – i like the way she justified why she was the only female in the kitchen…which reminds me, i have to post somethng on me becoming a certified chef and the tu-tu-mein-mein i had with dad coz i just wanted to cook!

havent seen or heard (until now that is) abt the squid and the whale…..haaawwww…..u mean….hawwww… :P but i did see surf’s up. no one to fall in love with in that one. aenween just passing time watching animals have fun with their lives unlike me

me not into books anymore – so i may have to pass the last one. waisey bhi, if i do get insane enuff to pick up a up, sis is gonna slap it on me since she’s put a life-tim rule that i dont get to read any book until i get all potty over harry potter. i’d rather risk getting married dont u think? :P

ok me shoo now.

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