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Wednesday – 06 Muharram 1429 – 27 Pausa 1929 – 16 January 2008

So, life takes another turn. I start making friends, flit about, and I mean, flit about, the office. My colleagues are very happy at my conversion, my subordinates tell me they can feel me alive again, and my boss thinks that finally I have hit the right path. And of course, life with friends is going very well. Family is fat and overfed as usual. What more can people want? Rather, what more should people want. Of course that is a subjective thing, but for once I will cram my opinion down other people’s throats. Adore the idea of totalitarianism as long as it is not directed against me.

So this post is going to be about sexy office senior genius guy. I mean, he is sexy. He has a sexy voice. And of course he can solve the crossword puzzle while walking besides a crossword. Basically. I think I love him. Not really. Just enough to want unprofessional liaisons. Oh God. I am turning into a slut again.

So the whole healthy routine is back again. Eggs and Cereal for breakfast. Brown bread sandwitches and diet coke for lunch. Selected foods for dinner. Washed down with pints of sugarless tea. I dont take suger in my tea, which would explain the wonder. And, to top all of this off, I am not losing weight. None whatsoever. Does this mean that I should be very very afraid?