Thursday – 28 Muharram 1429 – 18 Magha 1929 – 07 February 2008 

Sunday – 17 Muharram 1429 – 07 Magha 1929 – 27 January 2008

Still dont know what to say. This is pathetic.


  pakipoptart wrote @

Tell us why we keep hearing that people in Pakistan don’t have Atta? What is up with that?

  jalaluddin wrote @

Well. Greed. Mismanagement. Corruption. General social collapse of a nation of corrupt indiviuals.

The mills want to drive the price up so they make a profit. So they dont mill as much as they can to create a demand for it.

  pakipoptart wrote @

So sad ) :

  Sonia wrote @

sometimes silence can be therapeutic. and you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

  jalaluddin wrote @


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