Monday – 10 Safar 1429 – 29 Magha 1929 – 18 February 2008

Well, so, it has come. The day of the election. There is widespread fear of how it will turn out. Suicide bombings, party clashes, government-opposition violence, you name it, we are afraid of it. A nation that is absolutely insane, complete crazy and unequivocally confused about where to turn. And, I am this nation.

I had already decided that I will go and vote this time around. Even if I hate all the political parties I still think that I should ensure that the least worst candidate gets elected. So, with a patriotic beating heart I head out to cast my vote for the candidate who will cause the least amount of abject destruction to my country.

I divided my vote between two different parties. One for the national and one for the provincial seat.

The system of polling and casting of votes is so unbelievably archaic that one would rather ram a red hot poker into one’s shins and sit comfortably than go through the long lines, ill behaved and ill equipped staff, general lack of any possible electronic, technical or mechanical gadget that might ensure any faster processing of the voters. All in all, working in a Pakistani environment with our restrictions, not something people from outside the country can understand, but I can. And I forgive them. Mainly because of two reasons, one of the election officials was incredibly sexy and I stared at him to my heart’s content. And my political guide at the polling station was hitting on me blatantly, so I have his number and maybe political activities planned for later on.

I have done my part. Now, wait and see.


  anothergayincloset wrote @

Done same, provincial to one party and national vote to another … my bad the national one did nt win though. As i got there quite late about 2 pm there were no queue so the process was quite comfortable and easy.

  jalaluddin wrote @

Well :) I have good news. My party won on both.

  Zag wrote @

Most of the ppl i know also did the samething. National to one and prov to another party.

  PsycheD wrote @

i cudnt be bothered! so shoot me!

khair…congrats…so are gonna have some gay pride thingy in this God foresaken country in the future? :P

  Zag wrote @

Hey Jalal, did you do the pride thingi Psyched is referring to in the “victory rally” that was held after the election day in karachi? ;)

  Jalal wrote @

No no no. Not at all. There are no plans for any such thing?

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