This is an apology directed to the guy I was chatting on MIRC with 10 mins ago.

I am sorry I rushed off like an ill behaved hussy.

I want to apologize to you, over the phone preferably, and then take you out to coffee.


  Zag wrote @

Um, if it was on mirc, then why apologize here? How will he get the message?

Also, you still chat on mirc? Which channel? and whats your nick?

  jalaluddin wrote @

channel – gaypakistani – nick – jalaluddin


Ohk, better yet, we have known each other for AGES, gimme your number.

  Zag wrote @

OOOooooookkkkkaayyyy….. I should have known better than to ask :P

Will put you on my notify and if we are there at the sametime, will msg you. As for the number….. hmmmmm well, i guess therez no harm..

  Zag wrote @

Wait a sec, you didn’t answered my question!! :P

  jalaluddin wrote @

No. I dont know how to get the notify thing up. Hence the apology here.

  PsycheD wrote @

mirc’s still around?? i thought it shut down after i left it! :P

  Zag wrote @

Psyched: all i can say to this is :P :P :P

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