Wednesday – 12 Safar 1429 – 01 Phalgun 1929 – 20 February 2008

So, we usually like friends. People who just keep laughing at stupid things and then steal your coffee, or USB drive. There is a general up and down with friends. I prefer to see my friends paying the cheque at the restaurant, that is the up. I generally do not prefer having to ask my idiot friend for my book which I lent to her three months ago, that is the down. Ok, and, call me heartless, or evil, but I have reminded her about it at least ten times, and she just doesnt give it back. And to add to all that, now she is saying that she is keeping it.

If I were an ill behaved heather I would have pulled her hair when I met her earlier on today. And, as opposed to all sense and reason, I did just that. In the elevator earlier on today. Or course she kicked me in the shin, pulled my tie and pulled my shirt out of my pants. I hate her. She is evil. Of course when the elevator doors opened it seemed as if we had had a session of wild torrid sex in the elevator. Even if I was not gay I would not have slept with a book stealer.

But, most of all, I hate evil friends who meet up with me after ages and end up sending me an sms that declares that “After a round table conference which was merely equivalent to one message, the verdict is that despite your ‘I had to ditch 2 friends to meet you’ attitude, we approve of you and look forward to hand out :)”. I mean, what the fuck, I am extremely likeable.

Right about now I have an extremely strong urge to refer to myself in the third person and say something like “the j-man rocks”, but after a moment of thought I have decided absolutely against it.


  Zag wrote @

Damn!!! I hate those book stealers myself!!! I guess they are in every circle of friends. Ohhh and the worst is when they tell you they lent the book to another friend who in turn lent it to someone else and you are looking at them like!!! WTF!!!!!!

Oh, which reminds me, I just ordered the new John Grisham. Lets hope it doesn’t suck like his last couple of books… he was one of the best when it comes to law fiction…. now his law books sucks and I look forward to his football ones….. go figure.

  jalaluddin wrote @

Grisham!!! I have read all of his books that were out when I was in high school and first year of college. After that I just could not stand any more Grisham. I think he got monotonous for me!

  Zag wrote @

As i said….. was WAS was the key word there….. and why do u think i started liking football ones better than the court ones….. cuz the court ones were all the same, lets hope same doesnt happen to football ones as well. Atleast the new one sounded better, what with the Judicial thing going on in Pakistan and it being about buying out judges and putting ones own judge on the sup court for ones benefit, just couldn’t resist…… damn you Liberty’s online store :P

  PsycheD wrote @

achaaa….i get the msg!!! i already told u of my sunday restriction….waisey bhi, next time u visit…it becomes easy for everyone if u spent at least 2 days in the city! hmph! chalo, best i can say is i owe u one…which i shall make up (not OUT mind u) for when i come visiting inshah-Allah…aur jo PyscheD kehti hai – woh karke dekhati hai! – just ask the ex!! (i also have the urge to use the 3rd person!) :P

and i make a scene when it comes to paying the restaurant bill…as in, i have to pay the bill! and i get restless if i have someone’s amanat on me….so i can be a very good friend u know!

  Zag wrote @

Whoa, wait a sec. whats going on here??? me confused :S

waisay, u could have said make out and it wouldn’t have made any difference :D

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