Day 10,069 – Wednesday – 20 Chaitra 1930 – 01 Rabi us Sani 1429 – 09 April 2008

So, I came out to two friends today. Both guys, both from when I joined work. Both have been working with me for three years now. I am getting better at this. There was the initial shock at what I was actually saying. Then there was the incessant dont-joke-with-us thing. After that came the if-this-is-a-joke threat. Finally they settled down.

Being guys, I had to hear a lot of jokes! And I am sure I will.

But now, everyone around me, who I care about, knows. So, basically, I am good to go.


  R wrote @

Wow, awesome :). Now go find a boyfriend!

  jalaluddin wrote @

I have :)

  Pages tagged “incessant” wrote @

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  Zag wrote @

You do??? Awwww….. *heart breaks*


So not!!!! :D

  blah wrote @

Seriously? So your would-be wife also knows?

  Jalal wrote @

Zag – Oh Grow up!!! You are str8!!! Go find a girl NOW!!! You are too desperate for attention!

blah – There is no would be wife. The engagement is off.

  PsycheD wrote @

but zag’s already married!!!

and if i rmr clearly….u were supposed to do something for me?? ;)

next time u come out of the closet again…i wanna see the others’ reaction :)

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