Day 10,080 – Sunday – 31 Chaitra 1930 – 13 Rabi us Sani 1429 – 20 April 2008

I hate my fucking Internet Wallah Guy. Not so much because my internet connection fucking sucks and I havent had a proper internet connection for the past two weeks. But because he is not cute at all and still insists on wearing tight t shirts and ugly shorts. And, although I am definitely not averse to male displays of skin, I would rather not see this guys skin. Unless I am horny. Which, nowadays, I am not.

So, things at work are finally working out well. Quite well. And no trouble on that front. Except for the fact that I have been told that I need to talking as loudly as I do because it disturbs other people. Sure, it is ok for everyone else in the building to scream their lungs out, but I think it is wrong if I do so. And when I say scream, I mean scream! People scream, and so do I. I am not loud goddamnit!!! So shut up!

And on an important note, I have changed three hair styles in the past two weeks. Three. And I dont think I am done. There were days, when I used to have a completely different hairstyle for work and a completely different one for the evening. Does this mean that my hair are wonderful and help me become a better person? Or does this mean that I need to hire a panel of psychologists and psychiatrists who need to study me and then suggest cures? I dont know. It is up to you readers to decide. And, to be honest, all this sudden explosion of typing. Endorphins. From the exercise. I love seratonin and endorphins. Sound like Ancient Turkish Gods. And if they are; I would like to sleep with both of them. Please!

As per earlier promises of sharing of information. My diet and exercise have had an effect. I have lost some weight, and most importantly, I think I am starting to loose inches as well. Which makes my climb the ladder of the sex arena. A very very helpful thought indeed!

And yes, things with Dr Sahib are going quite well.


  moinansari wrote @

Great site. Good template. Too many explitives!

Curious about the other two themes?


  Saira wrote @

Hi Jalal,
after reading about 20 of your blog entries I am quite convinced that you are a match made in heaven for this guy I know. Unfortunately he lives on the opposite side of the globe, in U.S.A. He is a Hindustani gay guy who is very eager to find like minded South Asian gay people. He is an MBA student, an IT professional, a singer, an artist and also a writer. Quite interesting actually. Do give him a buzz at hiyyabuddy@hotmail.com if you are interested.
check out his blogspot http://2elight.blogspot.com

  Marsha wrote @

Pictures, if you going to boast about wearing different hair styles then we are going to need pictures as proof. :) I’ll believe it when I see it.

  Zag wrote @

Marsha: Yeah like thats ever gonna happen :)

  PsycheD wrote @

am with marsha! proof man! am sure u look hot in all of em :P (ive got this weird despo funda aaj kal….to make use of the word hot as much as possible – does that mean i too need those panel of shrinks??)
and u dont sound loud – which reminds me, someone was suposed to make a call the other day!
so who’s the doc eh?

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