Day 10,094 – Sunday – 14 Vaisakh 1930 – 27 Rabi us Sani 1429 – 04 May 2008

So, basically, after being dumped for not being high on the looks scale, the consequent collapse in self esteem, and the ego shattering grovelling. I am quite over him. Took about twenty to thirty hours with myself. But now it is over. One thing I cant get over is the “you are a nice guy” comment when we broke up. I am not a nice guy. Since he didnt get to read my blog, he didnt know this.

I feel like laughing loudly, violently and in an evil manner. Like they do in the movies.

Moving on.

Had an interesting weekend. Met up with a lot of people. Including Dr Sahab, strictly as a nice guy friend.

I am such an idiot.

If there was an idiot meter. I would have broken it.


  aggressive wrote @

sorry to say what u already know..but this ‘keeping in contact’ is a very very bad idea.
the first thing that i did after getting ‘dumped’ (it wasnt actually a break up, coz we werent goin anywhere, just a one-sided (platonic) shyt tht i was involved in but came to know thta later ofcourse) .. i erased everything that reminded me of him..and i agree, this ‘being friends’ scenario is..so tempting yet so frustrating at the same time..so i put up with the charade for a few months..but finally told him that i cant go on like this..i can never move on while ur around (not tht it made any significant difference, took me yrs to finally ‘move on’)..but yeah its an important..the most imp first step..cease all contact and erase all..tangible memories.
so..just..try to swallow the poison all at once, instead of dying each day. it may not heal, but it surely helps.
and oh i so hate the ‘ur a good guy/gal’ and ‘its-not-u-its-me’ and the biggest bs of em all ‘being just friends’.
sorry for such a long post..but i had to let it out..takecare..peace..

  jalaluddin wrote @

aggressive – I cant. I just cant. I met up with him and his friend yesterday night as well. I realized that I wasnt over him. I can never be over him. But, I am going to be able to lead my life.

He is just a memory now. And of course a friend as well. Both to remain with me forever. Cant let go. But, it is not going to fuck up my life.

I hope.

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