Day 10,104 – Wednesday – 24 Vaisakh 1930 – 08 Jamadi ul Awwal 1429 – 14 May 2008

Right now, I am in an incredibly romantic, lonely, longing, bored and expectant mood. Extremely. Bittersweet feelings. A mellow painful longing.

Someone I was chatting online with sent me a link on Greys Anatomy where these two guys are kissing. And, it felt so pure, so lovely and so intense. I just slipped into this mood.

I am thinking that, since I am fat, ugly, and non sexually attractive. I might never find someone. And what of a life lived alone. I know what I want. But I cant get it. What do I do now? Get married?

Yueck! Absolutely confused.


  mayor_lulzer wrote @

Don’t say that. There has bound to be someone that finds you naturally attractive. Otherwise, other fat, ugly and unattractive people would have remain unmatched :) Get married, you fool; I’d wish marriages were still being arranged down here; but no… not anymore; since it’s so backwards, and unnatural, and unholy, etc, etc, etc. People are so dumb, they just resist their parents best wishes out of spite, when they really know them better than say, their superficial friends, or sometimes even themselves! In a way the fix it’s even better, since in the eventuality that she turns out to be a dud, you’ll get to meet some cute guy; and also get to have a family; both on the side!!!!11!

  GK wrote @

i wud suggest time and lube. but thats just me :P

  GK wrote @

oh! another idea! read soppy love stories on that always gets me tingly/miserable.

  GK wrote @

but maybe that isnt what ure going for either?

what im trying to say is, don’t get married!!! ew! how icky would it be to have to face the dreaded vagina. no offense to any women but real-life exposed vaginas scare the crap out of me.

  Kris wrote @

You are totally wrong here. I thought I was scrawny, lean and fully devoid of sexual potential. And yet, I have gotten laid and I have found a life partner. So, cheer up!

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