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Day 10,122 – Sunday – 11 Jyaistha 1930 – 26 Jamadi ul Awwal 1429 – 01 June 2008

Here I am, wallowing atop a billion interesting stories on a daily basis. And, here I am, in a severe case of writers block. I will try to write something tomorrow.

A new month has started four hours ago. Pakistan is again on Daylight savings time, we are now at GMT + 6 hours. My friend is back from Dubai for the weekend. We went to Fanoos last night and discussed, relationships; how it is more difficult for women to find good men than the other way around; Lions, Lionesses, and the wierd morally corrupt family structure of the pride; and finally how woman are man destroyers. We went to Fanoos tonight and cackled like a group of drunk hyena chickens discussing the Punjabi language and its beautiful uses. I met a Lahori guy, who immediately told me that we need to friends and nothing more, serious ego diminishing activities. The weight loss, diet control and exercise regimens are going very well; I feel that I have actually lost some weight. I have joined classes to learn a foreign language, so that is quite cool. My change of job and how I think it has made me a lot cooler professionally and personally. And of course, last but not the least, why the fuck is my right heel in so much fucking pain?