Day 10,126 – Thursday – 15 Jyaistha 1930 – 30 Jamadi ul Awwal 1429 – 05 June 2008

The world is much much larger than me and my friend AI wanted, or would have liked, it to be today. We want to go for a week long break somewhere. Anywhere. So, like all hot blooded, brain dead idiots we decided to talk to our different travel agents. Mine in Karachi. His in Dubai. And like the innocent vulture spawn that travel agents are, they decided to fleece us of all our money and then slaughter us and finally sell us for parts. I had a list of 29 locations, AI had a list of 12 locations and all in all we had a list of 36 location that we can go to. Decisions are difficult with so much choice. So we narrowed it down to Istanbul, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Lets see what AI says tomorrow. I want to go to Istanbul.

Amongst the three, the only explanation that I can give for going to Istanbul is, for want of a better word – Phallic. Yes, like all other men out there, I too think with my dick. As is the case. And as it should be. And as I like my men. Women do not like it. They do not agree with it. But, for men, there is one thing. Breeding. And that is it. So Sri Lankans and Maldivans dont do it as much for me as Turks. And as Turkey is open Homosexually and there are clubs and stuff. I am getting too far ahead of myself. Of course, the one week will be a drunken haze of walking through bazaars, going to clubs of the “G” kind as my friend A from Lahore likes to call it, and of course enjoying the beautiful city.

Oh and yes, whichever one of you readers was searching for “gay love in karachi” and landed on my blog. Please, please, please, send me an email. Now.


  silentmantra wrote @

i stopped at istanbul…and went “of course!!” :) i think we already had this turkey related convo pehle…so the term ‘turkish delights’ dint come up just like that dint it! :P

so where and when are u guys going for ur fun orgy? :)

  jalaluddin wrote @

Well that is all good. But my friend HS’s wife BH told me that Turkish guys are just not that cute. Not her cup of tea. So I had to go so many porn site, just to redeem my belief in the beauty of Turkish men.

And I collected pictures. And I proved her wrong.

There is something seriously wrong with me.

  tasithoughts wrote @

Interesting insight into a world many of us take for granted here.

  UTP wrote @

You need to move to Poland…dude…or may be to Arnold Schwarzenegger state….CALIFORNIA…

  Zag wrote @

You actually collected prono pics and showed it to your friend’s wife??????????????

  lookin for gay love wrote @

email address hon?

  jalaluddin wrote @

UTP – I am thinking about shifting to the EU sooner rather than later. Or for that matter, any place in the world where I am free to do what I want to do.

Zag – NO!!!!!!! I saw them myself and realized that she was VERY wrong.

Lookin for gay love – Youll find it on this page

  Zag wrote @

Lookin for gay love – Youll find it on this page

dude what are you advertising yourself now??? What happened with mIRC??? :P

  silentmantra wrote @

well..the turkish delight i was shown by the friend with who that very same turkish delight is all tunn on…is one helluva delight i tell ya!
and ya! ur firends’ wife is very wrong … not that i actually floowed ur link :P

lol@zag …sheesh! u guys still at it on mirc???

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