Day 10,142 – Saturday – 31 Jyaistha 1930 – 16 Jamadi us Sani 1429 – 21 June 2008

Still suffering from a long bout of writers block. I apologize for not adding all the usual colour and flavour to your lives. I have a lot to tell; rest assured. Hopefully tomorrow.

As for now. I am typing a quick post from BH’s very small, compact and weirdly quirky laptop.

It’s very interesting blogging from another PC.

Oh, and yes,  I gave BH my blog addy. She went through it, took special exception to her and her husband being called loosers in a previous post. So, I will set the record straight. BH, you are your husband are not loosers. You are a very interesting couple. The most interesting in the world. There. I said it. Are you happy now? What more do you guys want from me! Why is it never enough. Enough with the theatrics Jalal! Good! So, BH, is this ok?


  BH wrote @

Mildy placated – you may continue you big weirdo.

  navcity wrote @

writer’s block? I think you need to go on another one of those long and crazy road trips to help (which i was very jealous about readig last time).


  Wajdan wrote @

Well I hope that this writers block will be over before the start of July. I am anticipating a big post in early July, marking your fifth anniversary of Blogging.

  Zag wrote @

There’s no such thing as a writer’s block in blogging u lazy ass!!!!! I know cuz that’s the same excuse I use whenever I am being lazy and just don’t want to make the effort to update the blog ;)

  jalaluddin wrote @

navcity – I am going to Hyderabad over the weekend. And Gwader the next.

Wajdan – I am thinking of preparing a post for that.

Zag – You are wrong as usual. I actually do have a writers block! :)

  silentmantra wrote @

omg…5 yrs of blogging??? :S
i myself am having a weird aversion to blogging lately……..perhaps i need to get into another relationship? the last one’s disintegration brought out the writer in me rmr!

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