Bitch Boobies

Day 10,148 – Friday – 06 Asadha 1930 – 22 Jamadi us Sani 1429 – 27 June 2008

I was watching TV and about half an hour ago there appeared on screen a woman who had huge and beautiful breasts. And I mean, perfectly semi circular(spherical), large, ample, supple and absolutely amazing. I would like to apologize to all of my str8 friends for not finding out her name so that all of you could also have enjoyed checking her out online. But sorry. Instead of trying to bring beauty into your lives, I was thinking about what she would look like if she had bitch boobies. I have just concocted the term Bitch Boobies. That is boobies like a bitch. Multiple boobies. I was visualizing the chick with about six boobies. All over her chest and stomach. I think this prooves that I do have the ability to think ever so differently from the rest of my race. But, I think with six boobies, all the more for you boys! Carmen Electra; enjoy?!

I was watching a very song released by Shiraz Uppal. And, despite knowing that you will all judge me and hate me for saying something so seriously disturbingly shocking. But, I think he is very very very hot. And since I do have quite a bit of command over the English Language I will refrain from converting my train of thoughs and consciousness when I saw him to words on this blog. It just might be too much for my readers. And my own conscience when I read it later on



  Zag wrote @

Halfway thru the post, i thought maybe u were turning straight, and then came the part about 6 boobies and knew u can’t be straight :P

  closetalk wrote @

bitch boobies sound hideous. too much (yech) breast for any self respecting gay man! :)

(hopped over from ure oooold blog. )

  U.R. Gandoo wrote @

Halfway thru the post, i thought maybe u were just stupid, and then came the part where u said u were gay, and then i knew u were gay and stupid.

  navcity wrote @

“bitch boobies”?! lolz! that sounds …disturbing. probably because I cant visualise it without the dog hair.

p.s. were u watching those dodgey mujra channels? And more importantly how come?

  jalaluddin wrote @

Zag – Point taken.

closetalk – I know I know. I will try to be more careful next time.

U.R. Gandoo. – Since you didnt leave am email I cant prove to you that are wrong. So, when you do grow the balls to face things like a man, you can message again.

navcity – No dude. No hair. Just perfect Carmen Electra boobs. NO I wasnt ;)

  unsungpsalm wrote @

Oh wow! Just when I thought I couldn’t get any gayer, your post pushed me a little further into homosexuality!
(So if my parents scream too much when I come out to them, I’ll just tell them that you did it ;) )

  Zag wrote @

Carmen Electra may have perfect boobs, but they are fakes man :P

but on the other hand, if you are talking about six boobs then four of them has to be fake so in a way its better to match them up with fake ones in the first place…

okay, enough ranting about boobs…

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