Day 10,178 – Sunday – 05 Sravana 1930 – 23 Rajab 1429 – 27 July 2008

And as suddenly as it started. The writers block is over. I have so much to write about. I am suddenly very happy, very excited and very high on how things are with me. Although the fact that I am not immeasurably rich and have the sexual capacity of a rabbit and the choice of sexual partners similar to Justin Timberlake is a constant nag, but I move on in life and enjoy what I do indeed have, as should everyone else, except the fact that this is such an incredibly long sentence that anyone who is still reading has not idea what I am talking about, hence the requirement for psychosis inhibiting pills to be crushed and added to my meals on a regular basis.

So, my ex fiance wants to get back together with me. I don’t know why. She broke off the engagement because she felt that I, read the word “I” again in a very self obsessed narcissistic manner and you will understand the actual pronunciation, had too many issues. Of course I did. No one is perfect. Then why are you coming back to me to beg, and I mean beg, me to take her back. Why? I am so confused? If I didn’t hate her enough for having rejected me, as would anyone else on the face of this planet who does get rejected, I would start doing it simply for this idiotic thing that she has started. I mean come on. You rejected me, left me, dumped me and broke of our engagement. And now you want me to take you back. I am sorry, but revenge is a dish best served cold. You left me once, and I am doing it now. I love being a heartless, calculating, evil man. It is so satisfying.

And then, as if my life was not stressful enough with all the excessive hunting for sex, I get a phone call at 1 am in the morning, it is NA’s mother in law saying that NA has not come home, is he with me. Of course, being a man, I immediately tell her that he was with me, but he must be at the game, at this time his wife takes the phone and starts talking to me. I am very very scared for NA. But, I cant show it, because, one – his wife will get worried, and two – he is my friend so I have to lie for him. So I tell her that he may not be able to use his phone because it was not working during the day. I am so delectably evil and yet available for sex at short notice. I change in 57 seconds, yes I saw this on the watch, and got to my car to find NA the idiot. But, just as I was starting my car, three minutes after the call, NAs wife calls me and tells me that he just called. I am so amazingly nice and yet available for sex at short notice.

Oh, and yes, me and my friend HS went to the wall on the beach. Amazing. It was incredibly cloudy and windy and the waves were absolutely crazy. Loved it. And since HS’s wife reads this, no, we did not smoke a lot. We are both trying to cut back, and we are both reasonable adults who do not lead self destructive lives. There, I said it!

Why the fuck cant I dance well. I hate not being able to dance well. Fuck!


  siawo wrote @

well if u cant dance well then take dance classes na silly, trust me they are a great stress reliever … i took classes for salsa jive…had loads of fun but then again depends whats your definition of fun

  Zag wrote @

You hate her for rejecting you? Didn’t she just solved your problem by breaking off the engagement? You should be thanking her for it…

  Kris Bass wrote @

Wait a second… why is the quintessential fag trying to marry a woman?

  navcity wrote @

I know a gay person whose married…he has a child too. Can you explain HOW that happens?!

I think it was Shaw who said dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire..i dont know what that means in your case!

  Sanaa wrote @

You could give us the full story you know=(

  Rahul wrote @

lol. so are u best frnds with the guys u screw? :)
i saw a news story sometime back, where they were interviewing u – a representative gay pakistani blog. :) congrats.

  Kris Bass wrote @

Guess what, you have just been felicitated.

Check this link out.


  muddleheaded wrote @

so this blog seems like ur only window to the outer world as u dont look like a much talkative person…. n even when u talked [i remember with me :) ] it wasnt the real thing…. the real thing was inside u which wanted to come outside but it didn or u didnt let it… same’s happened in ur engagement case… u wanted to accuse her, to yell at her and to question her but u did not or u cudnt… coz u r either scared or dont have the will to do that… u just want to let the life as it is… the way it is going on n on….

  Tazeen wrote @

Whoa, for someone who was experiencing writer’s block, that was a lot.

keep writing, you have it in you…

  Addy wrote @

Dude, we need to talk, hit me up at xx_adrenaline_rush_xx@hotmail.com.

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