Day 10,205 – Saturday – 01 Bhadra 1930 – 19 Shaban 1429 – 23 August 2008

Fucking internet connection fuck up. This is the seventh post in the past month that has gotten fucked up because of my fucking internet. Long pause with a reasonable amount of stress release and anger at my internet connection. Back to normal. Again. I love the sudden explosions of anger at minute things that I just can not control. The sudden and complete abandon to my feelings is very liberating.

And as I sit here musing about my personal life, my country hurtles headlong into a tunnel with no conception of where it may lead. The 14th of August came and went, and there seems to be nothing outwardly exciting to celebrate. Musharraf resigned; albeit I support the concept of democracy but a strong President would have been a good influence; and we must remember that his legacy is not solely negative. The PPP has nominated Zardari for President, need anyone say any more. The NRO has absolved our politicians of all sins, disgusting. The PMLN is bent upon making governance absolutely impossible. The MQM has nominated Zardari as the Presidential candidate, always a politically astute party with a lot of integrity. The PMLQ has nominated it’s own Presidential candidate. The restoration of the Judiciary is a complete bone of contention that might rip the coalition apart. Violent suicide bombings by the Taliban in Pakistani cities have had a massive toll on citizen’s lives and their conceptions of safety. All I can say is that, more our of hope than experience, I still believe that somehow this will get resolved and good things will happen. Let the dust settle.


  Zag wrote @

Wish I had your belief about the economic situation in the country :( Sub apnay apnay mein paray hain, kisi ko mulk ki koi parwa nahi :(

anyway, as far as internet connection is concerned, how about typing out the post in a word processer first and then copy paste it on the blog, to make sure you have the post even if the internet fucks you up………. hmmmm internet fucks you up…. no internet is not a name of some person……. :)

  Kris Bass wrote @

Hey good to see you back Jalal. Why don’t you create posts on text/word documents before posting them online? That’ll save a lot of stress.

  muddleheaded wrote @

the president will still b v powerful…
as if zardari becomes our next president which surely he will…. then he will b even more powerful than Mush… he wil not be only head of many state institutions but will also have the back of majority of cream of pakistani politicians …..

so letz just pray for us and our homeland…
yesterday it was one of the nightmarish day of pak history as the load shedding situation went worst ever compared to past….
leaving aside Isb n rwp… the whole country went black for around 20 hrs…

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