Day 10,207 – Monday – 03 Bhadra 1930 – 22 Shaban 1429 – 25 August 2008

Today, a great light has been lost forever. Ahmed Faraz. A great poet of Urdu. A great man.

Urdu, our society, our culture, our civilization and our people have lost a great presence. The loss can not be described in words.

The ever resounding noise in the background, Keht ur Rijaal, intensifies.

apnay maghmoom kivaron ko muqaffal kar lo

ab yahan koi naheen, koi naheen, aaye ga

But most of all, it was our love for him that will be lost, the love based on his contribution,

aur faraz chahiyen kitnee muhabbatain tujhe

maaon nay teray naam par bachon kay naam rakh diyay

We have lost a great man today, it is very unfortunate that in our day and age no others take the place of the ones lost.

We hope, we hope to see another Faraz, another Faiz, another great poet. We hope.


  Kris Bass wrote @

Fuck, I wish I could read and understand more languages.

(PS: Did that comment make sense?)

  navcity wrote @

God rest his soul. I’ve always loved the ghazal “phir usee raah guzar” in the voice of Jagjit Singh. absolute magic.

phir usii raah_guzar par shaayad
ham kabhii mil sake.n magar shaayad

jaan pahachaan se kyaa hogaa
phir bhi ai dost Gaur kar shaayad

muntazir jin ke ham rahe tum ho
mil gaye aur ham_safar shaayad

jo bhii bichha.De hai.n kab mile hai.n ‘Faraz’
phir bhii tuu intazaar kar shaayad

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