Day 10,214 – Monday – 10 Bhadra 1930 – 29 Shaban 1429 – 01 September 2008

Well, its not like I like to whine. Or that SS (ADs wife SSs ex boss) calls me whiny. Or NW my colleague calls me whiny. Or that NA and AH call me whiny. I dont like to whine. I may whine, but then there are always reasons. And, please dear God, I whine a lot less than the rest of my friends whine. You should hear some of them whine. Basically, shut the fuck up, I dont care what you think I am not whiny.

I shall present an example to prove to the rest of you that I am not whiny and when you do think that I am whining you are wrong and you dont know the full story. And I am right.

I had to go pick up my sister from a wedding in the middle of the night. I go there an lo and behold she and my cousin (over from the US) are not picking up their cell phones. Why the fuck does one buy a cell phone? So that when your brother calls you at 0030 hours you can pick it up and tell him that you will be out of the place and seated comfortably between his clutter in his car within the next 23 seconds. It obviously did not happen. And ten missed calls later I just went into the wedding hall. I was told that since everyone is dancing and enjoying that I should wait for them.

I did. For an hour.

I realize that with my consistent development on the ladder of age my general level of hatred towards merry making, happiness, smiling people, dancing and other activities that humans like to entertain themselves has been increasing. Hence, my utter, undiluted and complete hatred of the mehndi.

My sister (and my cousin) think that I am a prudish idiot who has no idea how to enjoy life any more and needs to learn to enjoy whatever life has to offer; a strangers mehndi and wild dancing by a group of people I dont know and can easily hate from quite a distance included.

I think ill just take over her part of what my parents leave us and tell her to go enjoy dancing at her friends mehndies. I guess I am a bit too irritable for someone who seem to have been flitting around the office like a drunk hyena giggling at the top his lungs all day long.


  muddleheaded wrote @

Dude u r absolutely right… :)
i hate waiting as well… u can be definitely whiny… u can be anything in a situation like that…

  mystique wrote @

ive also been kept waiting (conveniently) by sis whenever i had to pick her up from somewhere – just like so. and by god! u have all the right to be whiny in such situations! and yes, i have developed this weird repulsion on anyhting and everything that may induce ‘fun/happiness’ :S maybe its with the age, or the status? cud be both?

  Dennistm wrote @

Dear Daddy,

All my friends want to grow up to be just like you. But if I grow up and turn into a cynical/whiny/jaded/perverted bastard like you… I think I would prefer waiting a while.


Your Son

P.s. I’d like a blowup doll for Eid.

  Tazeen wrote @

i never make my bro wait and if he is late i never whine :) but then girls are more patient so i’m sure he would be whiny if in a similar situation as yours.

  jalaluddin wrote @

OH Puhleez!!!

Guys rule and girls drool.

  tanzilla wrote @

the drunk hyena metaphor is priceless. U do sound like my bro, or i m sure that he is contemplating the same in terms of taking over whatever my parents would leave us, even though i dont dance at mehndis, and i dont make him wait for anything, he doesnt come to pick me up……..still……

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