Day 10,246 – Friday – 12 Asvina 1930 – 03 Shawwal 1429 – 03 October 2008

1 – I feel that there is something wrong with me and I dont feel the want or desire or the excitement of blogging any more; at all.

2 – I hate the concept of monogamy. Hate it!


  Tazeen wrote @

i only just started reading it, became a fan, and now this had to come!

  Sameer wrote @

do i del u from my book-mark.
I will do that with a heavy heart tho

  Samina wrote @

Dont give up blogginh Jalal. i love reading your views on life.

Keep it up.

  Nen wrote @

I’m not taking that as a goodbye.

  elbisivni wrote @

well this is not fair man… see we all want to read more from u… u can take a break from blogging but u ought to right yaar… come on…

  navcity wrote @

shut up and carry on

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