Day 10,273 – Sunday – 09 Agrahayana 1930 – 01 Zilhaj 1429 – 30 November 2008

Ok. So, I think that after my recent “relationship” I am going to be afraid of relationships and sex.  Voila, a new phobia is born.

I am not going to date fucking idiots simply because I think they are hot.


  Gurney wrote @

Indeed. A very good plan, to maintain your self-respect, and avoid those oh-so-irritatingly ruined breakfasts when brainless fuck of the night is incapable of decent conversation. Coitophobia – like it =]

  F. wrote @

Maturity does not equal a phobia. :)

  Afaque wrote @

So many phobias is everyone’s life. Why you think yourself is the most innocent and affected creature on earth. Get a life man. Cheer up. I know you are living life in YOUR way. I really mean it.

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