Break ups

Day 10,289 – Tuesday – 25 Agrahayana 1930 – 17 Zilhaj 1429 – 16 December 2008

First, I would like to announce, albeit with a pang of guilt and sorrow, that it seems that I am not into self obsessed narcissistic dicks any more.

So, if you want to meet me only because you want me to drive you to some place where you can have coffee and then buy something that you were supposed to buy anyways and I am just the stupid prick who drives to your place, picks you up, takes you out, then buys your stuff for you and then drops you back home. And, if you will never ever call me or message me but make an issue if I dont call you any given day. And basically, if you are a self obsessed narcissistic vapid moron who does not have the ability to realize that two people make a relationship and that you have to respect other people then I am sorry, but it is over between us.

That being said. I am single again.


It is so fucking pathetic, I can not even begin to describe.


  wolfshowl wrote @

To quote my daddy, “Relationships are the easiest thing in the world to fail at.”

Sooo true. Don’t go around calling yourself pathetic. Hang in there.

  PAPPU wrote @

hahahaha me 2 brother!

  Zag wrote @

Does this mean more posts?

  F. wrote @

Sigh.| Yay.

  xy wrote @

gay ppl, who generally pretend to be straight and get a certain amount of attention generally are narcissistic….dont get it, but ive noticed tht in myself, and yes a good amount of other ppl im 99 percent sure are gay/bi

  DennisTM wrote @

At the risk of sounding like Ms. Know-it-all… and also repeating what you must already know, let me tell you… Its your fault. =P If you were smarter about the men you dated, you wouldnt be ranting here. But then, its a good thing you do… cause then I get to read about them! =)

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