Huntley Ritter

Day 10,291 – Thursday – 27 Agrahayana 1930 – 19 Zilhaj 1429 – 18 December 2008

Yes, you read it right. That is the topic.

Why do I feel, at least right now, that that is the hottest, most sexiest man alive? And I mean kicking any other man out of bed as compared to this one.

Of course that is with his golden goatee.


Oh, and SAK from work. Is very very cute. Of course not as cute as Huntley Ritter, but very very cute otherwise indeed.

And about my friend; I don’t want to sound like I have a low opinion of myself or have any other self image issues, I am very confident and happy with who and what I am. But I think he is too good for me, I am not worthy of him and dont deserve him. I mean, he is everything one could ask for, and hence, yes, I do think about him at times. He does not know about this. And he does not know about this blog. So he will not find out. But; he is a catch. Just not going to be my catch. Oh, and for me, he is at 0.999 Huntley Ritter.


  Afaque wrote @

thats wt i can say….lol
never stop staring at ur colleagues even…
too luscious…

  Afaque wrote @

thnx for dropping by mine though… :)
but just the first one only??? :O

  closetalk wrote @

huntley ritter?
hmmm… never heard of de guy! he looks a bit twinky-muscle boi to me, to tell the truth.

  F. wrote @

Ah,Jalal,that last paragraph,it puts us both in the same boat.And it is not a happy little cruise ship to be on,mon cher.I’m not telling you that.You probably already know.

  xy wrote @

haha…im so fucking glad to know there is a possibility for older men to fall for twinks, ( sorry im kinda new to this gay side )

  xy wrote @

now only to find older gay/bi men in islamabd…hmm

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