Wedding Food

Day 10,297 – Wednesday – 04 Pausa 1930 – 25 Zilhaj 1429 – 24 December 2008

So, the depression is wearing off. Hours and hours of self therapy and telling myself that I need to calm the fuck down have helped. Of course a lot of gay porn was also good thing for me during this trying time.

On an unrelated note, I went to a wedding yesterday. And the food there was absofuckinglutely amazing. And the adding of the adjective fucking in the previous sentence was required because otherwise the meaning to be conveyed would have been lost.


  Neighbour wrote @

listen you big fat fuck, i know you since the time you were one of the cutest person on earth, so stop calling yourself that..
i cant believe you cut yourself.. humm… crazy ass…
Oh well, if you have stopped your efforts to run away from me, gimme a call

  jalaluddin wrote @


I had stopped it months ago :) All clean and better now.

I dont have any old numbers any more. Lost my cell phone a couple of weeks ago and just have about 20 numbers now.

  UTP wrote @

yeah they have improved much on the wedding food…I attended 4 weddings in 3 days and had food everywhere….pretty good…

  Pakistani wrote @

Over all this our public wastes food very badly. They even dont think about the sin of wasting food.

  IC wrote @

fedex me some..

  Afaque wrote @

yeah fuck is the most desired word if not an act, for everyone…. :D
so use the fuck as frequent as u can..

  simon wrote @

loved reading your blog.. I a writer and documentary maker form the UK and I am thinking about making a film on the indian gay scene. particularly its relationship with the internet. I wonder if I can talk to you via email and ask you some questions?


  Peter wrote @

where the hell do you find porn in Pakistan?

  navcity wrote @

i can never eat at weddings in case i ruin the sherwani, and the ‘look’.

p.s i’m going to lahore for 3 weeks from mid-feb. do u know anyone who has an apartment for rent near the mall?cheers a squillion

  F. wrote @

Hey,where have you disappeared to?:)

  Neighbour wrote @

oh well thats that then,
guess you wudnt want to stay in touch now,

where did you loose your cell phone? have you checked your couch? mostly it disappears between the seats or between the seat and the back, you might want to try there,

else you can always ask for the number again, how difficult is that

  Nen wrote @

I bet you are either dead or up to something fun.Though I hope you are doing fine.

  TheGoriWife wrote @

I love when they serve halva puri at Mehndhis and such. Its always such a great surprise when you assume you’ll be served all that heavy, greasy stuff. I can’t stand all that korma… (not that puri isn’t greasy, though!! LOL)

  Tazeen wrote @

where are youuuuu! seriously!

  Mike wrote @

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  Tazeen wrote @

hey aristotle, please come back, I heard from a friend today (who happens to know you as well ) that you are planning to close this blog? is that true? :(

  Zag wrote @

Close this blog? Wait a second. How many times have I heard that before………. :)

But seriously dude, whats going on???

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