In Short – 20 something sarcastic, psychotic, socialist, homosexual blogger from Karachi. Educated as an Engineer, working as a Banker, dreaming of being a traveller and writer.

In Detail – 27 year old guy living in Karachi. Moved around a lot as a kid and studied in five different cities and at least ten different schools. Decided to go for Engineering, lived in a dorm for four years. Loved people in general, made hundreds of friends, a dozen of so extremely close ones. Realized engineering was not my thing, so changed my industry and joined banking. Loved working. Made a lot of friends in the bank, in Karachi, on the net, in the gay community. Love to listen to music, watch movies, talk to people, hand out with friends. This is where I am right now.

Have had what can termed a relationship with four people. Two guys and two girls. One of the girls was an arranged engagement. Didnt work out. The other one is now a friend. I broke up with the first guy, eventually became friends again two years later. The other guy broke up with me on Wednesday. We are still friends. Cest la vie.

Next in life is learning a foreign language, learning horse riding, and learning to sing.

My email address is Jalal uddin at gmail dot com.


  bibomedia wrote @


  ManzarNamah wrote @

“ManzarNamah” is an Urdu Community Blog where we are carrying out a series of interviews with the urdu bloggers. In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you dont mind. Please send us your approval via e-mail.

  ManzarNamah wrote @

Hello Jalali,

Did U Get Mail From ManzarNamah??

  ManzarNamah wrote @

Hello Jalali,

Did U Get Mail From ManzarNamah??

  Asiya wrote @

I didnt check all of your posts but read few of them and want to ask one question. Do you think you can live your whole life like this ?? will it always give you pleasure..going against the law defined by GOD. Do you feel you are right ??

  primadonnab wrote @

i think this blog is wonderful. It takes so much courage for someone like you to express yourself so freely about who you are and be comfortable with yourself, especially in a South Asian community. Kudos! And keep writing!


  muddleheaded wrote @

I lost your every contact… Plz mail me your email address or phone number…. hope you got my email address??

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