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Wednesday – 05 Rajab 1424 – 12 Bhadra 1925 – 03 September 2003

ahhhhhhh life. what wonders lie in thee. including the delectable lassi that i had 5 mins ago. wow. i love fattening foods that are so utterly wonderful. little glasses full of heaven. ahhhhhhh. life.

no electricity for about 4 hours today. very windy so wonderful. i called the electrcity department complaint centre about 20 times :) wonderful. from what it seems there are only 3 people there on this number. they were about to loose it with me calling every 10 mins ;) ahhhhhhh. i love teasing the living daylights out of people who pester me.

oh and yes. my sister was saving her allowance for two weeks. she finally decided to get chocolates from the money and hid them in the fridge. i am SO EVIL. i ate all of em. i love cadburys ;). she told me that she hates me. and that she hopes i will never eat a cadburys dairy milk again. well needless to say. i had kept one dairy milk for her to not be too evil. after her tantrum i ate it infront of her. through the window. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. life. what wonders lie in thee.

and oh yes. whoever was searching for “pakistan dogs” on google and ended up on my site. i am very sorry that you had to go through this. VERY sorry. and also … “how you doin!” *WINK*. and just in case someone out there has any misconceptions. i am not a dog.


Tuesday – 28 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 07 Sravana 1925 – 29 July 2003 

here in karachi this is what is going on.

you wont believe it. yesterday in karachi it rained 100mms in 6 hours. the rain was so heavy it broke the record for 25 years. i coundlt go to office yesterday or today. so i have to stay at home. sit on my computer and interact with the people at my office through my computer. sortof cool.

well the thing is it rained cats and dogs yesterday. the water drainage system of karachi is very very bad. the water that fell is now all standing in the low lying areas of the city. most of the major and main roads have about 1-2 feet of water standing on them. and many many cars have shut down because of water getting into the engines or other things. due to this there are HUGE traffic jams on nearly all major roads in the city.

on many roads no buses or public transport is moving so many many people have had to walk miles and miles to get to their houses. the sidewalks were filled with people going to their houses on foot. well i went for a long drive last night across the city to meet relatives who had come from the us and are going back tomorrow. it was horrible.

due to the excessive rains there is a lot of water. there is a lot of water in all the waterways in the city. water is standing in lowlying areas of the city. some of the areas have seen floods. some have seen flash floods. the situation in the city is apalling. the city is in a state of complete transportation collapse. the city is in a state of complete infrastructure collapse. the government of the city of karachi has declared a state of emergency all over the city.

so to all of my friends who read this from outside karachi. i am sure this is a new thing. doesnt happen on your side of the world. so welcome to the world forum and see what we have to go through.

oh yes i forgot. the electricity has been but in large naighbourhoods of the city to save people from getting accidental electric shocks. in some areas there is no power for one whole day. and here it is quite hot. very very hard to live without fans. hmmmmm. i think i have talked to much for now. ill post later. bye.


Thursday – 09 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 19 Asadh 1925 – 10 July 2003

well life is going wonderfully. no power cuts last night. the weather is fine. the stock exchange is booming. things are all rosy and beautiful. it turns out i am having a nice day after all.

on top of all that i saw the most handsome guy in the bathroom yesterday. yep. i went out to eat and then decided i needed to go to the mens room. turns out i wasnt alone. there was someone else there also waiting. WOW. well i usually rate guys 0-10. he was 8. which means he would be amongst something like 1%of humanity. we had to wait for something close to 5 mins. i think it was a gift from god. after all the crappy days that i went through and the fact that i didnt get to meet anyone like that for some time now.

i had the strangest dream last night. about a noise and how it kept coming and going. very very creepy. thank god i dont live alone or id freak out. usually dreams are very different from real life. when you do have a nightmare boy are you in hell. i remember waking up from nightmares. all sweaty and at times even shivering. i dont usually have nightmares. just one in 6-8 months. but boy is that bad. sometimes i wake up startled. well the bad thing about nightmares is that it is not real life so you cannot reason. you cannot wake up and you cannot understand or do a lot of things. it is like someone else is in control. well thats about it on nightmares from my side. ill tell you guys if i do have another one.

well i met someone online. another blogger. loved the blog. added a link to it.

also i am learning this new game or blogging and how to change your template. and by the way i am also learning HTML and how to work with it. i hope in a little time i will be able to make a proper blog. with all the things. well till then youll just have to bear with me.