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Sunday – 16 Safar 1429 – 05 Phalgun 1929 – 24 February 2008 

My belief in the existence of a supreme being, lovingly called God from now on, has been strengthened in the past couple of days. I have suddenly been put through a set of extremely varied experiences since Friday morning. I am sure this God person wants to show me ways to love what he has created. If only he worked this hard to get me sex with Mark Wahlberg, I am sure my belief in him would be awakened beyond all previous records.

So, I go to work on Friday. Over excited about how things are working out, doing my mental calculations. And then a sand storm hit the city, and wham, I am in the loo coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable. My boss thinks I am trying to avoid work. And, I am trying to tell him that he can get a clue from my red eyes and the fact that I have tears dripping from my chin that there is something wrong with me. No, you idiots, slow brained cows, I was not crying, I got a fucking eye infection. I hate infections of all kinds. Though I do like the odd cold, makes me feel sexy. Perverted; but sexy.

Then comes Saturday, I go on an interesting date, the guy does NOT like me. He does NOT like me at all. AT ALL. I am sure you all see the excessive capitalization. I liked him. But, he DEFINITELY did not like me.

So, to get over that, I went to a book store. My old nemesis. I have to decide on a small amount, and then try not to exceed ten times that figure. But, this time I really did go overboard, and bought books worth about 23% of my take home salary and about 16% of my total salary. Crazy, weird, insane? Yes please, with an added dollop or fat free creme. And this is exactly why I have to take someone else along with me when I go shopping. I would max out my card buying stupid cup holders when I know I dont need them.

I think ill just put up a huge sign on my office table “Therapy needed here”. Because, as of now, I dont feel anything else can define me so well.

And then, I went crabbing at night. Amazing experience. The whole family went. And of course, eating at least 25 crabs and 25 shrimp is not a general human’s idea of fun, but when you have practically frozen solid because of the full blast cold freeing winds the only thing you can think of is eating. Eating to your heart’s content.

Ugghhhhhhh. I think I need to sleep today!


Saturday – 25 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 04 Sravana 1925 – 26 July 2003

hmmmm. i hate my monitor i am going to get a new one. i hate my keyboard but i am not going to get a new one because i am too used to it. whoa. thats sounds like some peoples relationships. i hated my mouse and i just got a new one 5 mins ago. hence this post is possible.

well it has been raining a lot in karachi for the past few weeks. more than the last 8-10 years. so it rains all day long on and off, on and off. the whole family sits besides the windows looking out and beaming at the wonderful weather. having lots of tea and samosas and pakoras.

i have finally realized what tgif means. today is saturday and i am at home. i feel so so so so relieved that i do not have to work today. it is making me giddy. also my last day at work didnt go so well. my boss had too much work to do and he let out a lot of steam. since i am new. at me.

at one point i was told that i am so slow that my bosses computer can think faster. i didnt pay much importance or attention to anything that he said after that. i was too occupied thinking how stupid he is. also how he has this small ink stain on his pocket. which i will never tell him about but i will tell everyone else at work about.

i am such a bitch.

also i have this really really cool joke to share with you its basically a pun on a word “our research department tells us that is the days of Queen Elizabeth the First, some ladies in waiting liked to curl up with a good book, while others were satisfied with one of the pages.” ;).