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Saturday – 21 Shawwal 1428 – 12 Kartika 1929 – 03 November 2007

State of Emergency has been declared in Pakistan on the orders of the Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf.

All news channels have been put offline throughout Pakistan. News is being disseminatd through state run PTV (Pakistan Television) news channels. Most probably to stop rumours from spreading by dissemination of news through multiple channels.

Chief of Army staff  has constituted a Provisional Constitutional Order – PTV.

All elected assemblies will continue to hold their offices – PTV. 

All current officials related to the service of Pakistan will continue to hold their offices – PTV.

Update 001 – This update is put into place just to state that CNN has done a horrible job of this news, first they put Martial law on their website and then they changed it. Horrible piece of journalism by CNN. Rumour mongering and not giving news. Idiots.


Saturday – 08 Rajab 1424 – 15 Bhadra 1925 – 06 September 2003 

hmmm a long day. long long day. but i am very proud today. today when i was in the car. i heard a siren. we didnt understand at first. but then i realized it was an ambulance. usually in pakistan people do not move out of the way for the ambulance. they way we look at it. the guy in the ambulance doesnt have an emergency he just wants to get ahead. yes yes. we are sick sick demented people. i hate this thing with the ambulances. well but today i was very proud. as the ambulance got closer all the cars moved to the left and let it throught. acutally cars moved into the left lane for a long long way so the ambulance sped past. it made me so proud to see this slightly uncommon display of civic sence and human compassion. well i hope whoever was in the ambulance is safe. my love for karachi had increased due to this display. i hope everyone in this city grown to be a model citizen. and pakistan paindabad. well seems like today is my nation worship patriotic attack day ;)

also in other news. today was one of those days that i call candy days. days on which i get to see more than 5 extremely hot guys which would mean guys i would rate more than 7/10. well it happened today. wow. i am so excited today. well there were ones at the office. at the market. on the roads. everywhere. and one of them was staring back at me. i could feel goosebumps and i could feel a noise like ZUNNNNNNNNNN that is how excited i was that is HOT guy was staring back at me. it could have been anger as well. but i dont care. he was cute. if he wants. he can kick my ass ;)

thats about it for today so ill see you all later on.