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Sunday – 11 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 19 Sravana 1925 – 10 August 2003    

Hmmm. Just wrote a LONG post that got erased. I AM SUCH A MORON!

Well I have been meeting all these wonderful people on MIRC for the past two nights. Old friends. New People who are amazingly cool.

This is all good. Keeps my belief in ‘Gay Supremacy’ alive.

Well I do not know why but I am feeling amazingly romantic tonight. VERY romantic. So I am wallowing in the feeling while I can. After this I will put on some of Mehdi Hasan’s Ghazals. And lose myself to the music and fate. ;).

Oh I have put it on already. Well tata all of you. I will spare you my words. Have fun and enjoy.

*mehdi hasan*

phool hi phool khil uthay meray paymanay main

aap kya aaye bahar aa gaee mae khanay main

Anyone from Pakistan with a taste for classical. ASK me for the file I will DCC it to you on MIRC or do whatever. You HAVE to hear it.