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 Tuesday – 04 Rajab 1424 – 11 Bhadra 1925 – 02 September 2003

well it seems that my last post about a little latent tension in the city was right. rumours flying all over the place. karachi saw a lot of violence during the 90s. well thank allah the city is going smooth now. well at least as smooth as most third world cities. but i think i can feel and sense these small currents in the big river.

two shot dead. five shot dead. tension in the city. well i am all too well aware of these patterns. well lets just say that this tension had increased a lot during the day and now is at its peak. lets hope the night will lay it to sleep as it does many other things.

and yes my usual interesting details from my life. i saw a VERY cute guy today. and i stared at him. with no fear or fright. he saw me staring. he didnt do anything. he didnt drag me infront of my parents like i thought he would. he didnt do anything. ahhhhhhhhhh. such a relief.