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Wednesday – 05 Rajab 1424 – 12 Bhadra 1925 – 03 September 2003

ahhhhhhh life. what wonders lie in thee. including the delectable lassi that i had 5 mins ago. wow. i love fattening foods that are so utterly wonderful. little glasses full of heaven. ahhhhhhh. life.

no electricity for about 4 hours today. very windy so wonderful. i called the electrcity department complaint centre about 20 times :) wonderful. from what it seems there are only 3 people there on this number. they were about to loose it with me calling every 10 mins ;) ahhhhhhh. i love teasing the living daylights out of people who pester me.

oh and yes. my sister was saving her allowance for two weeks. she finally decided to get chocolates from the money and hid them in the fridge. i am SO EVIL. i ate all of em. i love cadburys ;). she told me that she hates me. and that she hopes i will never eat a cadburys dairy milk again. well needless to say. i had kept one dairy milk for her to not be too evil. after her tantrum i ate it infront of her. through the window. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. life. what wonders lie in thee.

and oh yes. whoever was searching for “pakistan dogs” on google and ended up on my site. i am very sorry that you had to go through this. VERY sorry. and also … “how you doin!” *WINK*. and just in case someone out there has any misconceptions. i am not a dog.


Friday – 17 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 27 Asadh 1925 – 18 July 2003 

wonderful weather. i repeat wonderful weather. dark clouds. light rain. cool breeze. sun breaking clouds in some places. my favourite weather ever(concepts of good weather are VERY different for pakistan and america/europe)

so what is wrong. you are usually bitching in your posts. whats wrong now. well nothing much. just that something happened to the internet. it went down. the connection to server went down. i didnt have internet for about 12 hours. i tried and tried to fix it but failed. then i got a stream of friends to check it out. finally the guy from the isp came and fixed it. i hate that company. i hope they all fall down directly on their noses.

thats about it for my rants. now i will continue with something useful. i had to go with my sister for shopping today. something that tells you about pakistan. also something where i am SHOCKINGLY still bitching.

no no. no no no. no no. it wasnt fun. it isnt fun. ask any pakistani man. anyone from amongst those 75 million that we are. and the answer will be the same. WE HATE TO GO SHOPPING WITH WOMEN !!! sometimes we pretend we like it but we dont. we HATE it. my sister spent 4 hours sifting through clothes and shoes. 4 FRIKKING HOURS !!! and she just got one of each.

i had to sit in one store for about 1 hour. 1 HOUR ! while she looked at stuff. every time asking me for my opinion and after i gave it then going ahead as if i never gave it. saying to herself loud enough for me to hear. men dont know about this. i was ready to scream. she kept on like this for 4 hours. ok i am gay. i am effeminate. but today prooves that i am a man. i am as man as a man can be.

i dont know what the american conterpart of this scenario is. it is just the defining difference between men and women in pakistan. men cant go shopping with women in pakistan and like it. it is as plain as a penis and a lack of it. but you cant check that in the bazaars can you?

i have noticed that in my posts. i bitch a lot. maybe more than all the world blogging community put together. well next time maybe just maybe ill post a non bitching post. if anyone wants to see that tell me. so i might try at least for your sake.


Sunday – 12 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 22 Asadh 1925 – 13 July 2003

i live in a city with 11 million other people. doing the math there should be a lot of people who can be my boyfriend. but i havent found one. man. well gay life here is a little subdued. so i meet people over the net. over the net there are two catagories of men. those who are pigs and those who i dont like. well that said let me proceed.

usually every conversation starts with a person being reasonable and normal. then with time you think maybe this is a decent human being. but you end up saying no. everyone wants to meet after the first chat or conversation. and i want to tell them to take it slow. but no. they want to meet and have sex after the first interaction. so these are the kind of people who are basically looking for sex than a relationship. man this sux. then there are the people who are nice and normal. but no spark. actually when i realize that i dont like someone. they usually turn out to be decent reasonable human beings. all this sux man. it is very hard coping with this. in a city of 11 million there has got to be someone. but i havent found him yet. maybe i will maybe i wont. but comeon a guys gotta have what a guys gotta have. well maybe i am just overreacting after an irc chat last night. i really liked the guy. one of the few who i actually liked. but he ends up asking to meet me. i tell him with time. and hes like. he has to have sex. and i am tell him that he is a pig. then he tells me to fuck off and leaves. and i am left sitting on the chair thinking. what an asshole. well that is past me. i wont think about that again.

another thing that nearly scared me to death yesterday. while i was writing my previous post. my sister sortof crept up on me. she is very young and probably didnt read anything. she just wanted to scare me. and WHOA she did that. my family doesnt know i am gay. well they would have found out if she read the post. well thank god she didnt. i am going to be more careful from now on.

also there is suddenly this pressure on me for getting married and settling down. i dont know what to do. completely stuck. well ill keep you guys posted about how it works out. what excuses i use to keep my marriage away. and what not. i hate this. why cant people just be allowed to be gay if they are gay. why does society have to put so many limitations on us.