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Day 10,279 – Saturday – 15 Agrahayana 1930 – 07 Zilhaj 1429 – 06 December 2008

A cell phone, like a laptop, is an extension of a person. Much like daggers and horses and shields used to be in an earlier age. And since these gadgets are an extension of one’s personality they are loved and cherished.

On the record, I love my Mac. My mac is closer to me than sex with Val Kilmer. Six times. After that I will loose interest in him and return to the laptop anyways, so there is no need going there.

I just love to see the bright glowing apple logo on my mac at night. It is magical.

But, now, I have started to hate my cellphone. Fuck you Motorola. I am a loyal fucking customer and your phones are fucking crap. My battery dies down very soon. I dont have my fucking phone working for about 25% each day. Fuck you motorola fuck you.

I slept with my mac last night. And it felt good. I preferred the whirring of my laptop next to my pillow rather than the feel of your cold steely sexy body with my hand under the pillow. I hate you!!! I cheated on you and it felt good.

Die bitch!


Day 10,213 – Sunday – 09 Bhadra 1930 – 28 Shaban 1429 – 31 August 2008

Sundays. The one day in the week when after the excessive socializing, sleep deprivation and Saturdays one is given some peace and quiet. People who are not schizophrenic paranoid psychotics anyways. But, who am I to judge my own kind. For people in general, I have decided not to differentiate amongst the different kinds of people and be politically correct, Sundays are a great day. So are they for me.

Of course this includes eight hours of excessive Dilbert, obsessive compulsive overeating and a socially unacceptable quantity of sleep. If I dont control my mouth I will turn into a non baby Rhinoceros. Dont wish me luck, and please, please, please, please, dont hold your breath either.


Day 10,058 – Saturday – 09 Chaitra 1930 – 20 Rabi ul Awwal 1429 – 29 March 2008

Oh God! It has been ages since I blogged because of the fucked up internet not connecting because of the fucked up power breakdowns.

And I am have been so seriously fucking busy at work that even though I wanted to I could nto write a word.

And in addition to all this, I am so fucking sleepy right now that I can not blog more.


Sunday – 10 Ramazan 1428 – 01 Asvina 1929 – 23 September 2007

Ahhhhhhhh. I love weekends. I just love them. I can finally keep awake for as long as I want. I can get out of bed when I want to, no sooner no later. Love it. The mere concept of waking up and not rushing to work, rather, going back to sleep is utterly amazing.

And I went to Sunday Bazaar today. Now, I do agree that Sunday bazaar has gone down the drain quite a bit. I mean, at least one hundred times worst that I remember. But, it is still fun to see things. Oh, and yes, the guys out there are totally delectable, to say the least. I just cant stop staring and it becomes slightly awkward. My mom or today, my cousin asking me something I was just checking out this guy and I was just hmmm hmmm hann hann, and she realized what was going on and she turned around. Thankfully, there was a hot girl standing over there and she just smiled and told me that she will tell my fiance that I was checking out a girl in an orange dress. Good God! Dude! How little you know. Need to be more careful in public. Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa.

God I love Sundays.


Wednesday – 08 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 18 Asadh 1925 – 09 July 2003  

shockingly a reasonable day. nice day. slept like a hog. no power breakdown. no loss of sleep. and then when i woke up to this wonderful song by stevie wonder … i just called to say i love you … well it really makes a difference what you wake up to. can change your whole day.

i remember one morning in my cubicle while i was living on campus. it was a weekend. i woke up to this song. gnr i think something about not having no guns or something. i am sorry i just forgot what it was. but that experience of waking upto a song. after a full nights sleep. wonderful music. slowly filling up your mind. it was wonderful.

it is so interesting to see the internet in action. millions of humans connected to each other. soon i will be able to say billions of people connected to each other. sharing thought emotions happenings and what not. and so many thoughts being put online. in an ever increasing log of human thought.

this is the true place of independent thinking and freedom of speech. it is the place where we can be what we are. good or bad. this is what it is. if you dont like someone. dont read what they type. you can be safe with your thoughts. this is what fascinates me about the net. being a gay pakistani this is the only forum where i can say openly that i am what i am.