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Saturday – 08 Rajab 1424 – 15 Bhadra 1925 – 06 September 2003 

hmmm a long day. long long day. but i am very proud today. today when i was in the car. i heard a siren. we didnt understand at first. but then i realized it was an ambulance. usually in pakistan people do not move out of the way for the ambulance. they way we look at it. the guy in the ambulance doesnt have an emergency he just wants to get ahead. yes yes. we are sick sick demented people. i hate this thing with the ambulances. well but today i was very proud. as the ambulance got closer all the cars moved to the left and let it throught. acutally cars moved into the left lane for a long long way so the ambulance sped past. it made me so proud to see this slightly uncommon display of civic sence and human compassion. well i hope whoever was in the ambulance is safe. my love for karachi had increased due to this display. i hope everyone in this city grown to be a model citizen. and pakistan paindabad. well seems like today is my nation worship patriotic attack day ;)

also in other news. today was one of those days that i call candy days. days on which i get to see more than 5 extremely hot guys which would mean guys i would rate more than 7/10. well it happened today. wow. i am so excited today. well there were ones at the office. at the market. on the roads. everywhere. and one of them was staring back at me. i could feel goosebumps and i could feel a noise like ZUNNNNNNNNNN that is how excited i was that is HOT guy was staring back at me. it could have been anger as well. but i dont care. he was cute. if he wants. he can kick my ass ;)

thats about it for today so ill see you all later on.


Thursday – 30 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 09 Sravana 1925 – 31 July 2003 

so here is todays normal post. or abnormal post. or whatever the hell you may want to call it post.

i was standing besides a road and was splashed by a lot of rain water. i was wearing white clothes. i am so proud my myself. i didnt ejaculate horribel expletives at the driver immediately. maybe that is why he felt so very sorry for me and reversed the car and said sorry. i think noone has said sorry in a such a situation is about 5 years in karachi. another thing for me to be proud of.

today i went to downtown for some work. i saw the tallest building in pakistan. it is the mcb plaza. and it is under construction right now. the guy i went with had to go get something. since i was such a mess i had to stay in the car. the car has stopped in front of the city court. it is SUCH a beautiful building. and yes you know what i did. i counted cars on the road. here is the iternary.

1600-1605 – 369 cars

1606-1611 – 29 buses – that comes to about 1 bus every 10.3 second

1612-1617 – 175 motorcycles

1618-1623 – 374 cars

1624-1629 – 58 saloon cars

TRAFFIC JAM LIKE HELL !!! then started counting when traffic started to move

1640-1645 – 481 cars

well then we came home. after getting stuck in the after work rush hour for one hour.

the most interesting thing i saw on that road were camel carts. yes camel carts. a camel pulling a cart behind it. loaded with stuff. it was very interesting. i saw 3 of them. maybe it was the same one. didnt see them that up close.

also today i paid homeage to the tallest building in karachi. the mcb plaza. it is a TALL alright. but it is nto good looknig. i hate the person who decided how to decorate the exterior. he should be made an example of hatred to art lovers all over the world

i will leave now. and let you collect your thoughts. after the battering they have undergone in my post.