Frozen Shoulder

Day 10,483 – Sunday – 07 Asadha 1930 – 04 Rajab ul Murajjab 1430 – 28 June 2009

I guess all of you guys will have to get used to the fact that I will, from now on, be blogging very irregularly, as in once a quarter or something. Work and other things in life have just become very extreme and do not allow enough time for blogging. I have no idea why, but that is how it is.

So, for now, I am going to have the following goals in life, I want to learn how to speak French and Farsi and I want to learn Horseriding, Swordfighting, Archery and Shooting and I want to be able to write regularly and I want to have a top of the line caravan that I can spend the rest of my life travelling in.

And, I want to have emotion free sex with millions of strangers in exotic cities, locations and places.

But, one does not get everything one wants, and one must learn to live as they are.

In other news, one of the reasons for not blogging for the past three months would be the fear elicited by the fact that my blog has been quoted in both an Indian newspaper / online news source, and now and American one. The closet door is being banged at very hard. For all the actions where I have come out of the closet to my family and friends does not mean that I am ready to do it officially. Not in Pakistan. I can not. Sorry. So, since this blog has started coming into international media showcasing Pakistani homosexuals, I would have to request you people to at least not try to knock on the closet door.

From this I would wonder why we even use the term closet door? Why?

And I will leave you to that.

Oh and yes, the guy who plays Kirk in the new Star Trek, Chris Pine. Fucking yummy.


  Tazeen wrote @

you not blogging is ok. since one can only write well when he’s putting all his heart into it. plus i’ve gotten used to missing your posts.
tu bhi dil say utar na jaye kaheen :)
but why is this one called frozen shoulder? have you got one? i pray not .. really.

  Malaysia Travel wrote @

Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

Any way, I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  Zag wrote @

hmmm so does that means u r going off messengers and all as well? a total cyber blackout?

  F. wrote @

I don’t care how infrequently it is, so long as you are blogging.
I shall wait. =]

  unsungpsalm wrote @

Ohh, that is sad. But safety is important. Watch out and be careful! And all the very best in your endeavors! Will be watching out for the next quarter’s post :)

  Ali wrote @

Just came to know of this blog reading Times of India ….. sad that you will not be on so regularly … but you are a hope for Pakistani gays..!!!! that too young, fresh, open-minded, understanding and appreciating. I am a Paki gay in my mid-40s….

I want to wish you Good Luck and all the success in life and may your dreams come true… Dream High!!

  Asma wrote @

Hey.. first time on your blog, and that too through a link from one of the websites that quote you.

safety does come first, but kudos for speaking out and being true.

That being said. Its okay not to post cos having sex with millions of people in exotic places is something to fight for!

Hope you live your dream!

  goblinbox wrote @

Being quoted in the media at random would be rather unsettling.

See you when we see you! *smooch*

  Waqas wrote @

You wrote:

And, I want to have emotion free sex with millions of strangers in exotic cities, locations and places

Can you please be more specific because I have something in my mind….

  ShahJahan Akber wrote @

Dear Jalaluddin,

Would you be kind enough to contact me on my email address

I’ll explain when you write to me.

Much regards,

Shahjahan Akber
Stark Studios

  eye_scream wrote @

You have gained a lot of weight recently, try using the time you set aside for blogging to go for exercise instead.

  jalaluddin wrote @

Thanks for all your support guys. I am only hoping that somehow people stop coming here. It scares the fuck out of me.

  MEHMOOD wrote @

Jalal, my hats off to you. But man please be very careful.
I am openly gay Pakistani and travelled last year to all 4 provinces of Pakistan. Though I didn’t do anything gay(my BF & fiance wouldhave killed me, if I did ;)), but I saw many many things gay esp. in Balochistan & Peshawar/Noshera/Pir piai.

I do hope to start a dialogue online with muslim ulma to discuss the dilemma of gay muslims & the best solutions for it. Then we can use that to pressure muslim countries governments to make amendments to their antiquated laws.

I’d love to stay in touch with you, discreetly if you must.
Here is my email

Others are welcome to give their feedback. Wasalam

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