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Wednesday – 28 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 05 Bhadra 1925 – 27 August 2003

well i have deleted my previous post against all my beliefs of never deleting a post. lets just say that a person shouldnt blog when he is more emotionally distressed than he has EVER been. tonight was the worst i am calm now. DAMN IT !!! now i can understand why you guys say never blog drunk. i am calm now.

I am SUCH a slut. ;)


Monday – 26 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 03 Bhadra 1925 – 25 August 2003

hi all. extermely sorry for not posting for some time. a lot of things came up. i was slightly busy. life was going along.

well i am going to try and post regularly and not scare you like that.

so till the next post. jalal.


Thursday – 30 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 09 Sravana 1925 – 31 July 2003 

hi all of you out there.

first of all i would like to apologize for yesterdays outburst. just some problems i am going through. shouldnt have thrown it all on you guys like that.

well one thing that i should tell all of you that read this blog. i have seen a lot of people blog about being in bad moods and such. but for me when i am in a bad mood. all my negative emotions, thoughts and feelings are directed towards me. i am everything that is wrong. never someone else. so when i do get in a bad mood i get nasty against me. nothing to get worried or concerned about ok. it is my format for a bad mood.

also when i am in a bad mood i tend to get very graphic. you should thank allah i dont type this thing in urdu. which is my mother tongue. if i did. most of you would just freeze in shock reading what kinds of things i think when i am in a bad mood and also do not shirk from writing down.

and francis i am NOT scum. i just thought i was for about 5 hours yesterday. and next time i am in a bad mood i will make it a point to read your comment to cheer me up.

also mak and crash. thank you very much. means a lot to know there are people out there.