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Monday – 29 Ziqaad 1428 – 19 Agrahayana 1929 – 10 December 2007 

I usually hate to question ancient wisdom and present my own ideas completely contrary to general opinion. But, today I must. There is such a thing as an interesting Monday, or maybe even a very interesting Monday. I shall present a summary of day. I am sure I would be unable to present the day in any manner better than this, since it is very late.

Woke up late on a winter morning. Sleeping in a going late to work is just amazing on a cold Monday morning. And to top all that off it was amazing weather.

Finished two tasks in record time and spent the rest of the wasting time since my manager knew that those tasks take two days. What can I say. I am good at what I do.

Had a good, hearty, healthy and tasteless lunch. Put out every cigarette half way; that is when I remembered that I had to stop smoking from today.

Went over to my previous department for some work. And I saw an absolutely hot guy there. And I mean 10/10. Better than any I have seen in the past couple of months (of course this does not include porn).

Joined the gym in my office building. There is no other way of ensuring that I go to the gym. And add to that my neighbour is also going. Good. Now I can be assured for being nagged to the gym on a daily basis.

Came home and had a beautiful dinner accompanied by rain. Such a wonderful addition to Karachi weather at this time of the year.

Gave a close friend a small birthday coffee party at Espresso. That is a good place. I would recommend their breakfast to everyone and their grandmother’s friends.

Hooked up with an old friend. Made out, and completed a list of activities legally, morally, ethically, religiously, socially and culturally incongruent with how life is lived in my part of the world. Getting laid is just such an absolutely amazing experience. And to top all that off, I just can not resist facial hair. I am such a slut.

So, with the above eight activities completed, the last one being highly highly weightier than the rest, I would have to say. Good day today. And hopefully a good day tomorrow. Have a nice day and enjoy every moment of it. And, of course, do not let go of any opportunity to make out and be a slut.

Jalal – Over and out.

Singing in the Rain

Wednesday – 29 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 08 Sravana 1925 – 30 July 2003

hmmmmm. it is still raining. the city is in a mess. there a complete collapse of civilization as we know it here in karachi. the roads have borken into a million(more) potholes. floods ravage the city. vultures scavenge for dead meat that people might throw out in fear of disease. OH MY GOD ! i have to calm down i am being SO SO SO SO SO overdramatic.

well i went to this government and saw a very interesting thing. there on the window was a list of things that i needed to bring in order to get the work done. and below the list of 5 things was urdu “note : waqt bachanay kay liye fuzool sawalat say gurey karein” english translation “note : to save time please refrain from asking useless questions” loolz. laughed like hell at that. the guy behind the counter thought i was a wacko. so i had to act like one. he really hurried up with my paperwork. loolz.

well i am home again. and it is raining. my cousin is screaming at me to type lighter as he cannot sleep. i am still typing on being a bitch. he has a paper to submit so he was up all night. also he didnt turn down the music for me while i slept. so i am getting back at him. i am such a bitch.

also i got a webcam installed yesterday. i cannot wait to think of the possibilities. ;). i am a bitch ;). also i liked it at first but i hate it now. its picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. well what the hell at least i can talk to my bf (who happens to live in the same city) like every normal gay guy. wait a minute. cut the last sentence. it makes me sound like i need to cast in the next psycho movie.

so until next time. i will leave you all alone with your thoughts not mine. so as to let some sanity prevail on this little group of sorry folk who end up having to read my blog.

also i saw vanilla sky. maybe that is the reason this blog is so frikking psychotic.


Tuesday – 28 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 07 Sravana 1925 – 29 July 2003 

here in karachi this is what is going on.

you wont believe it. yesterday in karachi it rained 100mms in 6 hours. the rain was so heavy it broke the record for 25 years. i coundlt go to office yesterday or today. so i have to stay at home. sit on my computer and interact with the people at my office through my computer. sortof cool.

well the thing is it rained cats and dogs yesterday. the water drainage system of karachi is very very bad. the water that fell is now all standing in the low lying areas of the city. most of the major and main roads have about 1-2 feet of water standing on them. and many many cars have shut down because of water getting into the engines or other things. due to this there are HUGE traffic jams on nearly all major roads in the city.

on many roads no buses or public transport is moving so many many people have had to walk miles and miles to get to their houses. the sidewalks were filled with people going to their houses on foot. well i went for a long drive last night across the city to meet relatives who had come from the us and are going back tomorrow. it was horrible.

due to the excessive rains there is a lot of water. there is a lot of water in all the waterways in the city. water is standing in lowlying areas of the city. some of the areas have seen floods. some have seen flash floods. the situation in the city is apalling. the city is in a state of complete transportation collapse. the city is in a state of complete infrastructure collapse. the government of the city of karachi has declared a state of emergency all over the city.

so to all of my friends who read this from outside karachi. i am sure this is a new thing. doesnt happen on your side of the world. so welcome to the world forum and see what we have to go through.

oh yes i forgot. the electricity has been but in large naighbourhoods of the city to save people from getting accidental electric shocks. in some areas there is no power for one whole day. and here it is quite hot. very very hard to live without fans. hmmmmm. i think i have talked to much for now. ill post later. bye.


Saturday – 25 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 04 Sravana 1925 – 26 July 2003

hmmmm. i hate my monitor i am going to get a new one. i hate my keyboard but i am not going to get a new one because i am too used to it. whoa. thats sounds like some peoples relationships. i hated my mouse and i just got a new one 5 mins ago. hence this post is possible.

well it has been raining a lot in karachi for the past few weeks. more than the last 8-10 years. so it rains all day long on and off, on and off. the whole family sits besides the windows looking out and beaming at the wonderful weather. having lots of tea and samosas and pakoras.

i have finally realized what tgif means. today is saturday and i am at home. i feel so so so so relieved that i do not have to work today. it is making me giddy. also my last day at work didnt go so well. my boss had too much work to do and he let out a lot of steam. since i am new. at me.

at one point i was told that i am so slow that my bosses computer can think faster. i didnt pay much importance or attention to anything that he said after that. i was too occupied thinking how stupid he is. also how he has this small ink stain on his pocket. which i will never tell him about but i will tell everyone else at work about.

i am such a bitch.

also i have this really really cool joke to share with you its basically a pun on a word “our research department tells us that is the days of Queen Elizabeth the First, some ladies in waiting liked to curl up with a good book, while others were satisfied with one of the pages.” ;).


Sunday – 20 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 30 Asadh 1925 – 21 July 2003 

well life goes on. people meet people. people fuck up. people loose people. life moves on. that was the summary of the last two days of my life.

another overcast day, light rain, cool breeze and wonderful food. ahhhhhh. this is the life.

when i was outside walking aroud it started to rain. i remember actually saying ‘dont rain!’. and when the rain didnt stop despite my order i said even louder ‘dont you dare rain !’. after this i immediately realized that i need some serious psychiatric help and that i am a control freak. to the extent of trying to control rain.

after i came back home it was wild. i had to bicker and nag for 5 hours continuously. with my mom and my sisters. in case you are thinking. yes ! bickering and naggin does help. due to that i got the best room. YEY!. and i have settled down in it with all my stuff. it looks wonderful. it is clean. it is large. it is cool. and most importantly it is the best room in the house.

so i will be joining my new job from monday next week. i am going to be working in a newspaper. editorial section. YEY!. i am so so so happy. maybe i will meet someone there who will be perfect and fall completely in love with him. and he will fall in love with me. and we will sneak into the bathroom for some unchaste activities or other stuff that i better not describe here. or i will work like every other human being on this planet does and keep waiting for someone.

if you want to know what happens stay tuned.


Tuesday – 07 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 17 Asadh 1925 – 08 July 2003 

rains rains and more rains. this is incredibly romantic weather.

i am serious contemplating not getting married at all. rather than creating problems for my wife and my family. lets just not get married at all. that will save so many people so much. well i know my family will be shocked by this. shocked as ever. well, this all sux.

i dont know when i was last in a very good, chirpy, mood. i just think ill go and watch some more tv to cheer me up. so lets just wait and see. ill see yall tomorrow then.


Sunday – 05 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 15 Asadh 1925 – 06 July 2003 

it seems as if life is wonderful again. the beautiful rain. oh, the wonderful marvelous weather we had today. cloudy all day long and it rained during the morning. now it is breezy and cool. much better than the last few days.

well there is one thing. some straight people might find my blog slightly out of their league. well it sortof is as well. but i am not talking about things that might disgust anyone. also just in case you are a homophobe i can only tell you that i am a wonderful person. i have lots of friends and they like me a lot. actually. i can be one of your friends as well.

well i am still single and looking. it is hard to do that in a country like pakistan. with all the things that are taboo in our culture. sure there are men who have sexual relations with other men. but it isnt that easy. at least not for me.

another thing that is bothering me. there is this guy who knows that i am gay. i happen to know that he is also gay. but i am not at all interested in him. not at all. but he thinks that since we are both gay we should get together. now that is so sick. why am i supposed to comply. it is not like i am supposed to. it is not a thing that i am supposed to do. this is the second time this is happening to me. it is so strange.

how do you tell someone you are not into them. how do you tell someone that they arent as big a stud as they think they are. how do you tell someone to stop asking you for ‘sugar’. something that i have to learn to do. you dont want to hurt the other persons feelings. but you want to tell them to back off politely.

well i think ill go now. so till next time.